Elsevier Curriculum Solution for Health Professions

Be the difference to those who make a difference and reinvent your program. Elsevier is the only health education provider that offers comprehensive education in a streamlined solution. Everything you need is at your fingertips to do your job to the best of your ability, whether that’s keeping your program at the cutting edge or personally helping students realize their dreams.

Be the difference

With our curriculum solution, you get all the resources, tools and services needed to quickly offer a proven, cohesive nursing program. This includes:

Everything students need to build knowledge and clinical judgment
This includes course material and digital learning solutions that enable them to develop key nursing skills, then challenge their clinical judgment through robust simulations and patient scenarios.

Everything you need to evaluate their competency
Access formative and summative assessments that help gauge student comprehension and ensure they have the skills to excel in a nursing program.

Everything they need to navigate certification exams
Offer every student targeted, meaningful exam preparation to ensure peak performance on exam day.

Elsevier Curriculum Solution for Health Professions

Only Elsevier offers a complete solution for all your curriculum needs — from building knowledge to applying clinical reasoning to assessment and review. Our solution gives both you and your health professions students a streamlined experience with trusted Elsevier content, innovative products, and unrivaled benefits that promote better student performance, certification exam readiness, and career success.

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