Funding Simulation Technology in Your Nursing Education Program

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White paper: Funding Simulation Technology in Your Nursing Education Program

Authors: Hollie Moots DNP, RN, CNE, CHSE

Although a number of simulation options are great learning tools, the associated cost for equipment can be very expensive for nursing programs. As the need for creative solutions in the nursing classroom grows, exploring different options to source funding for these solutions is important.

In this whitepaper, Hollie Moots details the resources available to find funding for simulation technology in nursing programs and useful tips for reaching out.

White paper highlights

  • Nursing education simulation has also recently expanded to include virtual reality (VR)—an immersive, realistic virtual environment where students can gain valuable nursing experiences.
  • When writing grants for funding in nursing education, applicants should be clear and concise while communicating the details of how the grant will be executed.
  • Innovative simulation programs can be the answer to ensuring students have strong patient experiences with opportunities to develop their clinical judgment.