Webinars for Faculty Development

This collection of topics delivers key strategies and information to help faculty stay at the top of their game and improve outcomes in the classroom.

Your Nursing Curriculum: Transitioning Through Change Towards Positive Outcomes

Ongoing change is the new normal for nursing programs across the country. This informative webinar explores how to recognize and address the positive and negative effects of professional change. You’ll learn effective self-care strategies to help you manage change for a successful outcome, as well as tips on when to seek out the consultative guidance of an experienced educational partner.

Webinar by: Susan Sportsman, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN

Remediation and Testing Focused Progression

Student success in nursing programs is typically measured by success after graduation on the licensure exam. Without adequate support as students progress through their nursing programs, many students will not get the chance to get to this endpoint. Student progression should be guided in the development of test taking and study skills and much in the same way they are guided by their progression into more difficult courses in the curriculum. Social support of nursing students is necessary to ensure student success. Guiding students in remediation of content is a form of social support to help students be successful. Through the use of HESI testing and study materials, faculty can assist students in preparing a study portfolio for successful remediation.

Webinar by: Karen Montalto, PhD

Academic Dishonesty - Keeping Students on the Right Path

The end goal for anti-cheating and academic honesty agendas can range from turning out professional students to prosecuting cheaters. Regardless of what the goal of your particular program is, knowing what could come next will lead to informed decisions and more successful and useful results. This session covers prevention and detection of academic dishonesty as well as reporting and consequences including prosecution.

Webinar by: Cheryl M. Smith, EdD, MSN, RN, FNP & Kim Brunnert, PhD

Orienting New Faculty to eLearning Tools

Providing new faculty with training is key to ensure that nursing and allied health students receive appropriate education. Many new faculty come to academia with no experience in using today's technology in the classroom. During this webinar, Dr. Bristol will explore faculty development strategies that can help acclimate new faculty to the tools, instructional design, and pedagogical techniques necessary to succeed in their educator role. Focus will be on mentoring, computer competency, and workload management.

Webinar by: Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF