Empower your
program with HESI

The next generation of HESI is available for RN and LPN/LVN

Already the most reliable, data-driven solution on the market, HESI is now even more powerful and intuitive — to help educate the next generation of safe, effective nursing professionals.

With the next generation of HESI, you will benefit from:

  • Advanced data and analytics with insightful dashboards
  • Mobile-friendly delivery of remediation
  • Personalized, more targeted remediation unique to each student


Advanced data and analytics

The next generation of HESI features a powerful, proprietary analytics engine that scours all of your data and distills it into insightful, easy-to-understand dashboards. This kind of quick and easy access to key information enables faculty and students to gain valuable insights and take action to improve performance in the areas where it's needed most.

Comprehensive assessment solutions

Elsevier's complete review and testing solution gives you the ability to easily analyze and improve student performance, from admission to graduation. When combined with our adaptive and online learning tools, HESI provides a comprehensive formative and summative learning and assessment experience.

Personalized remediation

Some of the best preparation for program and NCLEX® exam success comes after students take HESI exams. The proprietary platform intelligence in the next generation of HESI identifies the right remediation for each student by analyzing individual exam results, relevant content tags, course objectives, and more, to generate a more personalized, effective, and efficient remediation experience.

Trusted Elsevier content

All HESI content — from test questions to case studies to remediation activities — comes directly from Elsevier, the world's most trusted provider of nursing and healthcare information.

The next generation of HESI is now available for RN and LPN/LVN.

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