Remediation for Health Professions

Some of the most effective certification and licensure exam preparation comes after your students have taken their HESI exams. Every proctored HESI exam includes personalized online remediation that offers:

  • Content tagged directly to the most consistent, trusted, up-to-date content found only in Elsevier texts
  • Individual scoring reports that provide feedback on which test items were answered incorrectly, so students know exactly what areas need improvement
  • Customized remediation content targeted to each student’s unique knowledge deficits
  • Online remediation reports that track and monitor student progress, allowing you to take an active role in the remediation process

Remediation for Nursing

In addition to all the features available for Health Professions, HESI remediation for Nursing also includes:

  • Interactive learning resources and activities to help students improve their performance on subsequent exams
  • Multimedia enhanced remediation content, including engaging videos, animations, and audio clips, to engage students with various learning styles