HESI exams are the only testing products with more than 30 published, peer-reviewed articles spanning a decade of research that support their validity and reliability.

Our in-depth studies show how HESI test results can predict NCLEX success!

HESI Research Articles

Scientific Evidence for Elsevier HESI Exams and Product

Investigators have found Elsevier HESI examinations, including the Admission Assessment, Exit Exam, Mid-Curriculum Exam, Specialty, and APRN End of Program to be successful measures for benchmarking program outcomes, measuring student achievement, guiding remediation prior to licensure candidacy, and facilitating effective hospital orientation. This paper gives a summary of the latest evidence of those measures.

Journal of Professional Nursing - HESI Supplement

The HESI Supplement from the Journal of Professional Nursing offers you full articles in PDF format that highlight studies and successes that involve Elsevier’s HESI resources.

CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing

The CIN Journal featured a volume with several articles focused on the accuracy of HESI exams and the importance of validity and reliability. To view the article abstracts, follow the link below.