Review & Testing

When it comes to nursing and health professions education, a strong review and standardized testing program can offer many benefits. Exposure to higher-level critical thinking questions with targeted remediation helps students excel throughout their education and prepares them for licensure and certification exams. Robust reporting allows faculty to track student progress, pinpoint gaps in the curriculum, and identify students who are struggling so they can intervene sooner rather than later.

Improving Student Outcomes with Data — Just Use It!

The goal of every health professions faculty member is to prepare students to practice safely and effectively following graduation. However, the complexity of today's health care environment makes this task quite challenging. Dr. Susan Sportsman explains how the use of data is critical to supporting individual student success and improving the curriculum for all students.

A Framework for Managing Change

We live in the age of instability, which escalates change across many environments. The potential for change raises a variety of responses. Dr. Susan Sportsman discusses how faculty must think of change in a different way

Help! Standardized Tests Increase My Students’ Stress

Say the words, "Standardized Test," particularly when the results of the test contribute to a grade, and students become stressed. It is painful for faculty to watch this stress build and all of us want strategies to mediate this negative response. Dr. Susan Sportsman suggests several strategies that faculty implement to help students cope.

From Admission to Graduation: A Guide to Helping Students Succeed Through Remediation

Student remediation is on everyone's mind as a strategy to improve both first-time NCLEX® examination pass rates and graduation rates. The development of a strategic remediation plan that can be used across the curriculum is key to student success. Download this helpful guide for tips on structuring your own plan that meets the needs of your students and faculty.

2016 Elevate Outcomes with HESI Conference Poster Presentations

Read more about the latest findings and trends in nursing from your fellow nursing educators. They presented the following poster presentations at the 2016 Elevate Outcomes with HESI Conference.

The Keys to a Powerful Test

What makes a powerful test? The best tests combine two very important elements – reliability and validity. Having one just won’t cut it. To achieve maximum results, a test must fuse both of those concepts together, and you’ll see why in the graphic below.

10 Common Methods of Cheating

Hackers, Smugglers, Downloaders... Oh my! HESI proctors need to beware these 10 common forms of cheating.

Correlation between HESI Admission Assessment Exam results and student persistence in nursing programs

Nursing school is notoriously difficult, and not everyone who enters a program will see it all the way through to completion. The HESI Admission Assessment (A2) Exam evaluates the aptitude of prospective students in key areas such as English, math, and science, and many Nursing programs use it to help them admit the best students. But can the A2 help address the issue of student attrition?

Practical Tips for Proctoring Tests

Proctoring an exam is a big responsibility because not only are you creating an environment where the students can effectively take the test, but you’re also protecting the integrity of the test itself. With that in mind, here are 10 practical tips to help you make the test-taking, and proctoring, experience a positive one.

Top 10 Tips for Effective HESI Remediation

p>HESI Review and Testing solutions give you incredible insight into the knowledge retention and the knowledge gaps of your students, and you can use that insight to help them improve in any weak areas to bolster their results. HESI is a powerful tool when it comes to remediation, and here are 10 tips to help you maximize the impact of HESI remediation.

Webinars for HESI Training

HESI’s Review & Testing solution allows you to elevate your program, pass rates, and students’ exam performance, and with these webinar topics you’ll learn valuable tips to maximize what HESI can do for you.

Review & Testing Success Stories

How are some programs using HESI to turn their results around? Discover how programs like yours are using HESI Review and Testing solutions to do amazing things like achieving a 100% NCLEX pass rate! Hear this amazing story and many others here.

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