The Next Generation of HESI for LPN/LVN

The next generation of HESI, the most reliable, data-driven solution on the market, is now available for LPN/LVN. In addition to valid and reliable content, the next generation of HESI offers new features that make it easier to access the data and insights you need to educate the next generation of safe, effective nursing professionals.

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Ensure your students' success from the moment they begin their studies until they take the NCLEX-PN exam.

Aligned within the context of Bloom’s Taxonomy, Elsevier’s Review & Testing for PN is a comprehensive suite of products that combines proven HESI preparation and testing with trusted Elsevier practical/vocational nursing remediation content. The result is a single, end-to-end solution with products that work together throughout your curriculum to help students excel in your nursing program and confidently pass the NCLEX exam.


We offer a variety of valid and reliable exams for use prior to admission, throughout your curriculum, and at the end of your program, enabling you to assess academic readiness, analyze students’ ability to apply concepts related to key clinical content areas, and evaluate their readiness for the NCLEX examination.


HESI Admission Assessment Exam

Select the best prospective students by evaluating academic knowledge in English, math, and science, as well as learning and personality styles.

During the Program

HESI Specialty Exams 

Measure students' abilities to apply concepts related to specific clinical nursing content areas throughout your curriculum. HESI Specialty Exams are available in 14 PN specialties. Ideal for use as end-of-course final exams.

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Anatomy & Physiology
Critical Thinking
Data Collection
Dosage Calculations

HESI Custom Exams, including HESI Mid-Curricular Exams 

Submit your course syllabus or school curriculum, and our nurse educators will construct a customized 50-, 75-, or 100-question exam for your program. HESI Mid-Curricular Exams provide a comprehensive evaluation of student progress after the first half of your program.

End of Program

HESI PN Exit Exam 

Assess students’ readiness for the NCLEX examination with question formats and an exam blueprint matching the latest NCLEX test plan. HESI Exit Exams will help you identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and provide individualized remediation to address knowledge deficits prior to taking the NCLEX examination.

With a proven accuracy rate of up to 98.8%, no other testing provider has a higher rate of predicting NCLEX exam success, with the research to prove it!

Exam Security

We offer several security features such as randomization of questions, password protection, and IP address restrictions to give you complete control over your exams and the peace of mind that comes from knowing each exam will remain secure.

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