Sherpath for Medical Assisting

Elsevier's personalized learning and teaching technology built specifically to provide vital data and analytics for improving retention and pass rates in healthcare education »

Sherpath enables you to improve course outcomes with:

A revolutionary digital teaching and learning ecosystem where fully integrated, multidimensional course materials work together seamlessly to help you achieve course objectives.
Mobile-optimized technology that makes it easy to access all of your course content — including lessons, quizzes, skills exercises, teaching materials, ebook, and performance dashboards — at any time, in any place, and on any device.
Timesaving smart content that links your course materials and performance data together with precise tagging based on learning objectives.
Holistic analytics on both overall class and individual student performance that provide evidence-based insights on areas where students are struggling so you can make rapid interventions to improve student retention.
“[Sherpath is] easy to use, flexible. It’s a dynamic presentation that engages the students and I can’t reiterate enough how easy it was to integrate all of the parts of the product into the lecture.”

— Tara, instructor

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