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Knowledge Acquisition

Ensure students master essential concepts with trusted Elsevier content.

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The expert health science information you need, delivered in the format you and your students want.

Whether your preference lies in print, digital, or a customized mix, you can count on the world’s most reliable health science information offered in the format that works best for your curriculum.

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Elsevier Adaptive Learning

Help your students stop cramming and start truly learning and retaining knowledge through the use of adaptive technology.

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Online Courses

Engage students of all learning styles with Elsevier online courses that feature ready-to teach modules with interactive exercises and applications that are easy to integrate into your classroom and simplify teaching.

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Coding Manuals

Elsevier’s collection of coding manuals ensures accuracy in both classroom practice and clinical careers.

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Clinical Reasoning

Challenge students to put their knowledge to work with hands-on clinical experience.

SimChart for the Medical Office

Designed specifically as an electronic health record (EHR) learning tool for students, SimChart for the Medical Office offers realistic, hands-on practice in all the necessary skill areas needed for work in the medical office.

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Practice Management with Auditing for Coders powered by SimChart for the Medical Office

Bring the modern medical office into your classroom through a hands-on experience with all the tasks required of a modern medical coder — from front office skills such as scheduling appointments and patient registration to practice management skills including billing, coding, and insurance.

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Simulated Internship for Medical Coding

Help your students gain the experience they need to be a successful medical coder through a realistic, simulated, multi-specialty medical clinic that offers real-world experience coding cases in medical specialties.

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Assess student's academic progress and ability to apply key concepts.

Elsevier Coding Exam Review Products

Help students pass their exams with exam-prep resources.

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Boost job placement rates by developing highly capable, caring health professionals.

Elsevier Job Readiness for Health Professionals

A unique textbook designed to help your students develop the soft skills — the personal qualities, habits, attitudes, and social graces — needed to work successfully with anyone, anywhere.

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