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Elsevier Products & Tools

Elsevier is the only partner that offers the tools to prepare students to be effective nurses from the first day of nursing school through graduation. Our curriculum solution helps ensure your students gain valuable nursing knowledge that they can apply to real-world clinical scenarios and synthesize for successful assessment outcomes. With Elsevier, you can be sure your program is developing nurses who can demonstrate sound clinical judgment and provide safe, effective patient care.

Digital Solutions

Elsevier's digital simulation and practice products tie directly to the Clinical Judgment Model (CJM), helping you prepare students for the realities of nursing practice by creating an environment that allows them to safely practice making sound clinical judgments:

Curricular Content

Elsevier has long focused on delivering textbooks and review products that encourage the use of critical thinking and clinical reasoning to make safe, client-based decisions. Key NCLEX review titles will begin emphasizing clinical judgment content in late 2019, balancing a forward view of NGN with the need to prepare students for today’s exam.

Core Nursing Texts

  • Black: Professional Nursing
  • Lowdermilk: Maternity and Women's Health Care
  • Alfaro-LeFevre: Critical Thinking, Clinical Reasoning, and Clinical Judgment
  • Harding: Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Stanhope: Public Health Nursing
  • Touhy: Ebersole & Hess's Toward Healthy Aging: Human Needs and Nursing Response
  • Huether: Understanding Pathophysiology
  • Balzer Riley: Communication in Nursing
  • Ignatavicius: Developing Clinical Judgment: Thinking Exercises for the Next-Generation NCLEX-RN Examination

NCLEX Review Resources

  • HESI/Saunders Online Review
  • HESI Comprehensive Review
  • Silvestri Comprehensive Review
  • Silvestri’s Saunders Strategies for Test Success

Contact your Elsevier Education Solutions Consultant to talk about:

  • How well your program aligns with NCSBN’s Clinical Judgment Model
  • How to incorporate clinical judgment into your course or curriculum
  • Products you can use to help students build clinical judgment competency