Next Generation NCLEX® Resources

NCSBN has revealed the nursing clinical judgment assessment model and determined that the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) will include new item types to gauge candidates’ clinical judgment and decision-making aptitude in nursing situations. This increased focus on evaluating student readiness for transition to practice creates the opportunity for technology and simulations to play an increased role in nursing education. Explore tips and strategies from expert educators on preparing for these anticipated changes.

Getting Ready for the Journey: What We Know About the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN)

Stay up to date on Next Generation NCLEX with this recorded webinar featuring Elsevier’s NGN experts, Donna Ignatavicius and Linda Silvestri, as they discuss what’s currently known about NGN and actions you can begin taking NOW to prepare your program for success. This webinar includes peer-to-peer advice for incorporating clinical judgment into your nursing curriculum, teaching activities, assessing students’ clinical judgment skills, and valuable resources for every step of the NGN journey!

Using Concept Mapping as the Key to Clinical Within a Concept-Based Curriculum

In this informative article, academic director Jim Emerson, DNP, RN shares how his program added concept mapping to clinical rotations within their concept-based curriculum. Find out how it helps enhance his students’ clinical reasoning and clinical judgment skills to prepare them for the Next Generation NCLEX® and real-world nursing practice.

Strengthening Students' Clinical Judgment Through Conceptual Care Mapping

As nursing care continues to become more complex, it is essential for nursing students to develop the skills needed to think at a higher level and make sound clinical judgments. To accomplish this, educators will need to employ teaching methods that actively engage students in clinical thinking and require the application of theory to practice. In this white paper, authors Barbara Yoost and Lynne Crawford explore how various forms of concept mapping, including conceptual care mapping that consistently incorporates the nursing process, are evidence-based teaching tools that can help students cultivate higher-level cognitive skills. In addition to enhancing students' clinical judgment, the use of conceptual care mapping across the curriculum will also help prepare students for the Next Generation of NCLEX®.

Getting Students Ready for Next Generation NCLEX

Nurse educators have already begun investigating ways to best prepare students for the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) plan that is expected to be implemented in 2023. Coupled with exploring ways to prepare students in the didactic, simulation, and clinical environments, is the desire to lay a strong foundation, well in advance, for how students need to approach studying for NGN. This article discusses best practices and proven methodologies for coaching students to take the NCLEX and highlights how current teaching techniques can reinforce students’ ability to appropriately prepare for the test.

The New NCLEX®: Simulation is Not Optional

With anticipated changes coming to the NCLEX® and an increased emphasis on students’ clinical judgment, it is essential to integrate simulation throughout your curriculum. In this article, Dr. Tim Bristol provides strategies you can start implementing now to prepare your students.

Clinical Judgment and HESI: Learning and Assessment for Practice Readiness

One crucial concern with developing clinical judgment skills is that each individual is unique. No two nursing students are going to ever be at the exact same place when it comes to developing and strengthening their CJ muscles. Therefore, nurse educators need to empower their students to find their own gaps and focus their study/growth/practice on their personal weaknesses.