Internationally known educational consultant and nurse educator, Tim Bristol, is a faculty member at Walden University, consultant for the Haiti Nursing Foundation and FSIL nursing school, and owner of NurseTim, Inc.

Dr. Bristol helps empower schools not only across the country, but also across the globe — at all levels of education and accreditation. He has led teams through initial program approval, interim reports, and reaccreditation as a faculty member, administrator, and consultant, and specializes in active learning for class, clinical, and lab environments.

Schools and government organizations around the world consult with Dr. Bristol to integrate new standards, introduce curricular innovations, make education more accessible, and develop strategic plans. As a faculty development and curriculum design specialist, he is an expert in bringing the evidence-base of nursing, healthcare, and education to students and faculty in the states, and as far away as Haiti.

Dr. Bristol also writes and contributes to numerous publications, and is known for his motto: “Today we will learn how to learn.”


Videos of Dr. Tim Bristol

How he got into nursing

Tim Bristol: How He Got Into Nursing

Speaking about his life philosophy

Tim Bristol: Speaking About His Life Philosophy

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