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These preparation products are designed to be used at strategic points in your curriculum to help students excel in your program and prepare for the NCLEX® exam. They also provide faculty with valuable data and effective ways to:

  • Reinforce student retention of core content
  • Assess student understanding of key concepts
  • Introduce students to standardized testing
  • Challenge students to apply knowledge and develop clinical reasoning skills

HESI RN Patient Reviews

An ideal way to reinforce and assess students’ retention of core content, these didactic, knowledge-based scenarios give students an important first look at providing safe and effective patient care — all in a visually stimulating and interactive environment.

HESI RN Practice Test

This pre-built, non-proctored test will help you to assess knowledge and concepts learned while also introducing students to standardized testing with NCLEX examination-style practice questions written at the application level.

HESI RN Case Studies

Challenge students to use their knowledge and apply key concepts to realistic patient scenarios. By answering questions and viewing rationales, students learn to manage complex patient conditions and make sound clinical decisions.

Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing

This mobile-optimized, formative assessment tool serves up personalized questions to help students succeed in their courses and study more effectively for high-stakes exams. It’s ideal for use throughout your curriculum to prepare students for everything from mid-terms to the NCLEX exam — all in an individualized, interactive way. Use HESI and EAQ together in your classroom to create a customized formative and summative assessment solution.

Online Courses

Incorporate active learning into your curriculum with Elsevier’s educator-led online courses. Instructionally designed, ready-to-teach modules are easy to integrate into traditional, distance learning, and hybrid programs.

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Anatomy & Physiology Online
Community/Public Health Nursing Online
Drug Calculations Online
Nursing Skills Online
Health Assessment Online
Pathophysiology Online
Pharmacology Online

Together, these practice products give your students the preparation and confidence they need for their HESI exams.

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Assess student progress throughout your program and evaluate their readiness for the NCLEX exam with valid and reliable HESI exams.

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