Sherpath for Nursing

The seamless, supportive environment that maximizes the use of data, technology, and time to help you improve course and student outcomes »

Sherpath empowers you to elevate the effectiveness of your courses with:

A fully integrated, digital teaching and learning ecosystem where multidimensional course materials work together seamlessly to help you improve program outcomes.
Mobile-optimized technology that allows you and your students to access all of your course content — including lessons, quizzes, teaching materials, ebook, and performance dashboards — any time, any place, on any device.
Smart content that saves you time by linking your course materials and performance data together with precise tagging based on learning objectives.
Holistic analytics on both individual student and overall class performance that provide evidence-based insights on where students are struggling, so you can successfully intervene.
Adaptive quizzing that personalizes questions based on each student’s performance, your curriculum objectives, and what is on your next summative exam.
Virtual Simulations that offer fully immersive, state-of-the-art, case-based simulation scenarios that challenge students to apply their clinical competency.
Original digital lessons focused on core learning objectives that create a rich, engaging, didactic experience with multimedia, confidence indicators, adaptive remediation, and assessments to gauge understanding of the material.
“I think Sherpath is, especially for something as intensive as a nursing program, very, very useful…very helpful.”

— Sahra, student

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