SimChart® for Nursing

An electronic health record specifically developed as a teaching tool for nursing students.

Simply the best educational EHR on the market, SimChart® gives your students the foundation they need to be successful in today’s modern healthcare environment.

Plus, it’s easy to integrate throughout your entire nursing program (from fundamentals through graduation).

SimChart is...

  • Fully web-based
  • Built on Elsevier’s world-class content
  • Equipped with comprehensive instructor support
  • Designed for use in the classroom, simulation lab, and clinicals
  • Loaded with pre-built unfolding case studies
  • Integrated with clinical decision support tools

Easily Incorporate SimChart into Your Curriculum

SimChart comes with comprehensive educator support and flexible teaching tools, including:
  • Training videos: step-by-step demonstrations show you how to use each component of SimChart.
  • Implementation manual: straightforward instructions walk you through how to set-up and use SimChart.
  • Evaluation & reporting tools: easily assess and grade students’ documentation and generate reports.
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