Simulation Learning System for Nursing

Evidence-based scenarios, an electronic health record, and teaching support for each step of simulation.

Evidence-based scenarios:

Step 1: Preparation
Detailed outlines guide you through the staging of the simulation lab, identifying key resources for preparing you, your students, and your simulator.

Step 2: Scenario
Each simulation scenario is presented with clear instructions for initiating and progressing the simulation experience. Descriptions of the patient's condition for each phase of the scenario help you conduct the most realistic simulation session possible.

Step 3: Debriefing
Guided Discussion Questions for each scenario facilitate collaborative evaluation and analysis and direct students to corresponding content in their Elsevier textbooks for review and practice.

Electronic Health Record

Robust EHR platform powered by SimChart® that houses patient records for simulation scenarios and skills drills.


Outstanding supplementary resources for each simulation scenario enable you to customize the simulation experience for each student based on learning level and defined objectives.

Easily Incorporate SLS into Your Curriculum

SLS makes it easy to add simulation to your curriculum with comprehensive educator support across the entire simulation experience.
  • Staging instructions
  • Pre-simulation exercises and quizzes
  • Algorithm quick card for advancing patient conditions
  • QSEN-based performance objectives
  • Performance checklist
  • Patient report in SBAR format
  • Patient and participant response guides
  • Observer evaluation rubric
  • Guided discussion questions
  • Post-simulation quizzes and activities
  • Animations, skills videos, and other relevant multimedia
SLS for Nursing