Yu Liang

Meet Yu Liang

Future Nurse | Elsevier Student Ambassador

Yu, a first-generation college graduate, is the first in her family to work in healthcare. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing in May of 2021, Cum Laude with departmental honors. She served as the president of Nursing Students’ Press, and the committee of teacher evaluations. She began her career in healthcare when she was 18, working at as a medical assistant in a pediatric clinic. There, she loved spending her time working with infants, children, and teens in an under-served Chinese neighborhood. During the COVID-19 pandemic, her clinic had shut down.

Feeling helpless at a time of dire need, she applied to be an extern at a large metropolitan hospital in NYC, the epicenter of the pandemic. Although she knew it was dangerous working during those uncertain times, she felt the need to help out where she could during the height of the pandemic. Yu is still a student nurse extern at the same hospital. She is on the float pool, so she is able to experience different units every shift. Of the units she’s been on, her absolute favorite has been the Neuro ICU.

During her last semester of nursing school, she was diagnosed with a tumor. The multitude of doctors visits were overwhelming to juggle with school and work, but her grit and determination allowed her to push through the semester. Her experience as a patient solidified her passion for nursing. Yu is currently studying for the NCLEX as she awaits her ATT from the school.

Upon graduating, she hopes to work in a hospital and eventually be a nurse in the ICU. Her long term career goals includes going back to school for her DNP and being a clinical instructor. She hopes to inspire future nurses the same way she was inspired by hers.


  • Yu’s guilty pleasure is microwaved hospital turkey sandwiches.
  • Grey’s Anatomy inspired her career in healthcare.
  • Yu’s tumor was benign and weighed a total of 3.5lbs!