Student Life


Tips for Studying at Home

Written by: Bailey Thom

As many of us are transitioning from in-person to online classes, studying at home can be very challenging. Our homes can be full of distractions: family members, pets, fridges, beds, Netflix… Altogether, you might find yourself less motivated and productive than usual.

As someone who used to spend all of their time studying in libraries and coffee shops, I have had to put in a lot of time and effort into learning how to study from home.

That being said, here are tips that work for me!

  1. Establish a Routine.
    Prepare to study in similar ways that you prepared to go to the library or class. Especially if you are a morning person, set a specific time to wake up and get dressed. Establishing routines can help signal to your brain that “hey, it is time to get work done.”
  2. Have a Dedicated Space.
    Whether it is a dining room table or a desk, have a designated study space. Try to reserve your bed for sleeping and avoiding studying in it. I used to make the mistake of studying in bed but I found that I could not focus while studying and, when I wasn’t studying, I was not able to easily fall asleep. Don’t do it, friends. Lastly, keep your study space clean and organized – that way, you’ll spend more time studying and less time trying to find a pen that works.
  3. Shut Off Unnecessary Technology.
    Put your phone on Do Not Disturb mode. Turn off social media on your laptop. Try not to distract yourself while you are trying to focus!
  4. Find a Study Method – with Breaks!
    I love to use the Pomodoro effect to guide by studying, which involves 25-minute work intervals with a short break (~5-minute) in between. After every 4 work intervals, you take a long break (~15-30 minutes). Bonus: I use an app on my phone that helps me and, as per above, not use my phone for other reasons while I am studying. However, you can use any timer to help keep track of time and to make sure you stay focused. Lastly, when you take breaks – make them guilt-free. Scroll through Instagram aimlessly (psst, you can check out my profile @baileybscn). These breaks are not meant for you to be productive so keep them that way!
  5. Study Groups.
    Technology is amazing, hence why we are learning from home. That being said, there is no reason that you cannot continue to study with your friends! We all know that nursing students who study together, stay together.

I know there are dozens of different tips out there, which leads to my last tip: personalize your study habits to you. My tips are not going to be helpful to everyone. Finding what works for you may be trial and error and that is okay.

Happy studying, future nurses!