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A Guide to Taking Nursing School Tests/Exams

Tests and exams in nursing programs are a breed of their own. They propose very different challenges than the tests taken in prerequisite courses relying simply on memorization is not enough. For these tests, you must filter out each possible answer and utilize the material you’ve learned in a way that provides you with the...

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NCLEX Exam Practice Question of the Week

The nurse is assisting with monitoring a client who has undergone shoulder arthroplasty for brachial plexus compromise. Which data collection technique should the nurse implement to check the status of the musculocutaneous nerve?
  • 1 Ask the client to spread all the fingers wide and to resist pressure.
  • 2 Ask the client to raise the forearm, and then check for the flexion of the biceps.
  • 3 Ask the client to move the thumb toward the palm and then back to the neutral position.
  • 4 Ask the client to grasp the nurse’s hand, and then note the strength of the client’s first and second fingers.


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