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cover image - Clinical Cases in Tropical Medicine,2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780702078798
Publication Date: 12-15-2020
Page Count: 320
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $98.99

Clinical Cases in Tropical Medicine, 2nd Edition

by Camilla Rothe, MD, DTM&H


cover image - Clinical Cases in Tropical Medicine,2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780702078798
Publication Date: 12-15-2020
Page Count: 320
Imprint: Elsevier
    1. A 20-Year-Old Woman from Sudan With Fever, Haemorrhage and Shock
    2. A 7-Year-Old Girl from Peru With a Chronic Skin Ulcer
    3. A 26-Year-Old Woman from Malawi with Headache, Confusion and Unilateral Ptosis
    4. A 4-Year-Old Girl from Uganda in a Coma
    5. A 4-Year-Old Boy from Laos With a Lesion of the Lip and Cheek
    6. A 36-Year-Old Male Traveller Returning from Botswana With a Creeping Eruption
    7. A 28-Year-Old Male Fisherman from Malawi With Shortness of Breath
    8. A 26-Year-Old Female Traveller Returning from Ghana With a Boil on the Leg
    9. A 52-Year-Old Man from Vietnam With Evolving Shock
    10. A 55-Year-Old Indigenous Woman from Australia With a Widespread Exfoliating Rash and Sepsis
    11. A 45-Year-Old Male Security Guard from Malawi With Difficulties in Walking and Back Pain
    12. A 29-Year-Old Man from The Gambia With Genital Ulceration
    13. A 16-Year-Old Girl from Malawi With Fever and Abdominal Pain
    14. A 22-Year-Old Woman from Bangladesh With Profuse Watery Diarrhoea
    15. A 3-Year-Old Boy from Laos With Right Suppurative Parotitis
    16. A 25-Year-Old Female School Teacher from Malawi With Abrupt Onset of Fever and Confusion
    17. A 34-Year-Old Man from Thailand With Fever and a Papular Rash
    18. A 56-Year-Old Man Returning from a Trip to Thailand With Eosinophilia
    19. A 40-Year-Old Man from Togo With Subcutaneous Nodules and Corneal Opacities
    20. A 43-Year-Old Male Traveller Returning from Mozambique With Fever and Eosinophilia
    21. A 35-Year-Old American Man With Fatigue and a Neck Lesion
    22. 32-Year-Old Woman from Nigeria With Jaundice and Confusion
    23. A 31-Year-Old HIV-Positive Business Traveller With Cough, Shortness of Breath and Night Sweats
    24. A 14-Year-Old Boy from Rural Tanzania With Difficulty in Walking
    25. A 72-Year-Old Male Farmer from Laos With Extensive Skin Lesions on the Lower Leg
    26. A 14-Year-Old Boy from Malawi Who Has Been Bitten by a Snake
    27. A 16-Year-Old Boy from Sri Lanka With Fever Jaundice and Renal Failure
    28. A 67-Year-Old Female Expatriate Living in Cameroon With Eosinophilia and Pericarditis
    29. A 35-Year-Old Woman from Malawi With Fever and Severe Anaemia
    30. A 12-Year-Old Boy from Rural Kenya With Painful Eyes
    31. A 6-Year-Old Boy from Malawi With Fever, Cough and Impaired Consciousness
    32. A 44-Year-Old Male Farmer from Laos With Diabetes and a Back Abscess
    33. A 53-Year-Old Man from Malawi With a Chronic Cough
    34. A 35-Year-Old Male Farmer from Peru With a Chronic Ulcer and Multiple Nodular Lesions on the Arm
    35. A 32-Year-Old Woman from Malawi With Headache and Blurred Vision
    36. A 23-Year-Old Farmer from Myanmar With Unilateral Scrotal Swelling
    37. A 29-Year-Old Woman from Malawi With Confusion, Diarrhoea and a Skin Rash
    38. A 24-Year-Old Female Globetrotter With Strange Sensations in the Right Side of Her Body
    39. A 30-Year-Old Male Chinese Trader With Fever in Laos
    40. A 62-Year-Old Woman from Ethiopia With Difficulty Eating
    41. A 7-Year-Old Girl from West Africa With Two Skin Ulcers and a Contracture of Her Right Wrist
    42. A 41-Year-Old Male Traveller Returning from Australia With Itchy Eruptions on His Thighs
    43. A 35-Year-Old Malawian Woman With a Painful Ocular Tumour
    44. A 7-Year-Old Girl from South Sudan With Undulating Fever
    45. A 2-Month-Old Girl from Laos With Dyspnoea, Cyanosis and Irritability
    46. A 45-Year-Old Man from Sri Lanka With Fever and Right Hypochondrial Pain
    47. A 32-Year-Old Man from Malawi With a Painfully Swollen Neck
    48. A 31-Year-Old Woman from Tanzania With Acute Flaccid Paraplegia
    49. A 33-Year-Old Male Traveller to India With Diarrhoea and Flatulence for Two Weeks
    50. A 24-Year-Old Man of Turkish Origin With Jaundice and Cystic Liver Lesions
    51. A 34-Year-Old HIV-Positive Woman from Malawi With Slowly Progressive Half-Sided Weakness
    52. A 56-Year-Old Man from Peru With Prolonged Fever and Severe Anaemia
    53. A 24-Year-Old Woman from Uganda With Fever and Shock
    54. A 52-Year-Old Male Safari Tourist Returning from South Africa With Fever and a Skin Lesion
    55. A 40-Year-Old Male Farmer from Peru With Chronic Cough and Weight Loss
    56. A 21-Year-Old Pregnant Woman from The Gambia With a Rash
    57. A 37-Year-Old Woman from Malawi With Haematemesis
    58. A 25-Year-Old Woman from Egypt With Severe Chronic Diarrhoea and Malabsorption
    59. A 24-Year-Old Man from Malawi With Skin Lesions and Breathlessness
    60. A 6-Year-Old Boy from Malawi With Proptosis of the Left Eye
    61. A 48-Year-Old Woman from Thailand With Fever and Disseminated Cutaneous Abscesses
    62. A 28-Year-Old Man from Ghana With a Chronic Ulcer on His Ankle
    63. A 38-Year-Old European Expatriate Living in Malawi With Difficulty Passing Urine
    64. A 40-Year-Old Woman from Thailand and Her Brother-in-Law With Severe Headache
    65. A 4-Year-Old Girl from Bolivia With a Dark Nodule on Her Toe
    66. A 32-Year-Old Man from Malawi With Pain in the Right Upper Abdomen and a Feeling of Faintness
    67. A 24-Year-Old Woman from the Peruvian Andes With Fever and Abdominal Pain
    68. A 31-Year-Old Woman from Malawi With a Generalized Mucocutaneous Rash
    69. A 22-Year-Old Male Farmer from Rural Ethiopia With Difficulty Walking
    70. A 58-Year-Old Woman from Sri Lanka With Fever, Deafness and Confusion
    71. A 71-Year-Old Man from Japan With Eosinophilia and a Nodular Lesion in the Lung
    72. A 4-Year-Old Boy from Mozambique With Severe Oedema and Skin Lesions
    73. A 21-Year-Old Male Migrant from Rural Mali With Massive Splenomegaly
    74. A 28-Year-Old Woman from Sierra Leone With Fever and Conjunctivitis
    75. A 25-Year-Old Woman from Zambia With a New-Onset Seizure
    76. A 55-Year Old Woman from Turkey With Fever of Unknown Origin
    77. A 51-Year-Old Female Traveller Returning from Central America With Conjunctivitis, Rash and Peripheral Oedema
    78. A 42-Year-Old British Man Living in Malawi With Anaphylactic Sho
  • Camilla Rothe, MD, DTM&H, Head of Clinical Tropical Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, LMU University, Munich, Germany