ISBN: 9781437703948
Page Count: 304
Imprint: Saunders
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Study Guide for The Anatomy and Physiology Learning System, 4th Edition

by Edith Applegate, MS
ISBN: 9781437703948
Page Count: 304
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $37.95
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Designed to accompany The Anatomy and Physiology Learning System, 4th Edition, by Edith Applegate, this study guide helps you learn and review basic A&P concepts. Each chapter emphasizes medical terminology with a set of key terms, word parts, clinical terms, and abbreviations, and then adds a variety of fun-filled learning exercises, review questions, a quiz, and a word puzzle. The study guide corresponds to the textbook chapter for chapter.

    • Chapter learning objectives help you focus on the most important material.
    • Key concepts are defined on the first page of each chapter in the workbook.
    • Learning exercises for each chapter include short answer, matching, and diagrams to label and color.
    • Self-quizzes allow you to measure your progress and understanding.
    • Fun and Games features end each chapter with a variety of engaging puzzles covering words and concepts.
    • A chapter summary provides a brief review of each chapter.
    • A chapter review provides questions for reinforcement and review of the concepts in each chapter.
    1. Introduction to the Human Body
    2. Chemistry, Matter, and Life
    3. Cell Structure and Function
    4. Tissues and Membranes                                                  
    5. Integumentary System
    6. Skeletal System
    7. Muscular System
    8. Nervous System
    9. Sensory System
    10. Endocrine System
    11. Cardiovascular System: The Heart
    12. Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels
    13. Cardiovascular System: Blood
    14. Lymphatic System and Body Defense
    15. Respiratory System
    16. Digestive System
    17. Metabolism and Nutrition
    18. Urinary System and Body Fluids
    19. Reproductive System
    20. Development

    Answers for Quick Check Questions

    Answers for Vocabulary Quizzes

    Glossary of Clinical Terms and Disorders

    Glossary of Word Parts

    Glossary of Abbreviations

    General Glossary

  • Edith Applegate, MS, Professor of Sciences and Mathematics, Kettering College of Medical Arts, Kettering, OH
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