AACN Procedure Manual for Critical Care - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 6th Edition
Elsevier eBook on VitalSource®

AACN Procedure Manual for Critical Care - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 6th Edition


The AACN Procedure Manual for Critical Care, 6th Edition presents procedures for the critical care environment in an illustrated, consistent, and step-by-step format. The Procedures and Patient Monitoring sections are presented in a tabular format that includes special considerations and rationales for each intervention. References have been meticulously reviewed to ensure that the most authoritative and timely standards of practice are used. Additionally, the references supporting care recommendations are identified according to the latest AACN Evidence Leveling System to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the strength of the evidence base.

  • UNIQUE! AACN-sponsored content ensures the highest standards of practice

  • Comprehensive, clear, easy-to-use format allows you to quickly find and review the exact content you need

  • Rationales provide complete information on every procedure

  • Identified AP procedures help you judge whether a procedure is in your scope of practice

  • Patient safety highlighted with new icons for patient identification and time-out Joint Commission Universal Protocols

  • CDC Standard Precautions for hand washing and applying protective clothing and equipment highlighted with new icons
  • UNIQUE! Clarity of Evidence Leveling helps you quickly grasp the strength of the evidence supporting the care recommendations

  • Reviewed and Updated References comply with the highest standards of critical care practice

  • Alphabetical procedures index inside the front cover provides easy access

  • Reader-friendly design changes make it easier to identify and utilize special features

UNIT I Pulmonary System

Section One

Airway Management: Michael W. Day

1. Combitube Insertion and Removal AP

2. Endotracheal Intubation (Perform) AP

3. Endotracheal Intubation (Assist)

4. Endotracheal Tube and Oral Care

5. Extubation/Decannulation (Perform) AP

6. Extubation/Decannulation (Assist)

7. Laryngeal Mask Airway AP

8. Emergency Cricothyroidotomy (Perform) NEW!

9. Emergency Cricothyroidotomy (Assist) NEW!

10. Nasopharyngeal Airway Insertion

11. Oropharyngeal Airway Insertion

12. Suctioning: Endotracheal or Tracheostomy Tube

13. Tracheal Tube Cuff Care

14. Tracheostomy Tube Care

Section Two

Special Pulmonary Procedures: Michael W. Day

15. Continuous End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

16. Continuous Venous Oxygen Saturation Monitoring

17. Oxygen Saturation Monitoring by Pulse Oximetry

18. Pronation Therapy

Section Three

Thoracic Cavity Management: Michael W. Day

19. Autotransfusion

20. Chest Tube Placement (Perform) AP

21. Chest Tube Placement (Assist)

22. Chest Tube Removal (Perform) AP

23. Chest Tube Removal (Assist)

24. Closed Chest Drainage System

25. Needle Thoracostomy (Perform) AP

26. Thoracentesis (Perform) AP

27. Thoracentesis (Assist)

Section Four

Ventilatory Management: Michael W. Day

28. Noninvasive Ventilation (CPAP and BiPAP Masks) NEW!

29. Arterial-Venous Oxygen Content Difference (a-v DO2) and Oxygen Transport (Delivery) and Consumption Calculations

30. Auto-PEEP Calculation

31. Compliance and Resistance Measurement

32. Manual Self-Inflating Resuscitation Bag

33. Indices of Oxygenation

34. Shunt Calculation

35. Invasive Mechanical Ventilation (Through an Artificial Airway)---Volume and Pressure Modes36. Standard Weaning Criteria—Negative Inspiratory Pressure, Positive End-Expiratory Pressure, Spontaneous Tidal Volume, Vital Capacity, and Rapid Shallow Breathing Index

37. Weaning Process

38. Peripheral Nerve Stimulators

UNIT II Cardiovascular System

Section Five

Cardiac Emergencies: Debra Wiegand

39. Automated External Defibrillation

40. Cardioversion

41. Defibrillation (External)

42. Defibrillation (Internal) AP

43. Emergent Open Sternotomy (Perform) AP

44. Emergent Open Sternotomy (Assist)

45. Pericardiocentesis (Perform) AP

46. Pericardiocentesis (Assist)

Section Six

Cardiac Pacemakers: Debra Wiegand

47. Atrial Electrogram

48. Atrial Overdrive Pacing (Perform) AP

49. Epicardial Pacing Wire Removal AP

50. Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator

51. Permanent Pacemaker (Assessing Function)

52. Temporary Transcutanous (External) Pacing

53. Temporary Transvenous Pacemaker Insertion (Perform) AP

54. Temporary Transvenous and Epicardial Pacing

Section Seven

Circulatory Assist Devices: Debra Wiegand

55. Intraaortic Balloon Pump Management

56. Ventricular Assist Devices

Section Eight

Electrocardiographic Leads and Cardiac Monitoring: Debra Wiegand

57. Electrophysiologic Leads and Cardiac Monitoring

58. Extra Electrocardiographic Leads: Right Precordial and Left Posterior Leads

59. Continuous ST-Segment Monitoring

60. Twelve-Lead Electrocardiogram

Section Nine

Hemodynamic Monitoring: Debra Wiegand

61. Arterial Catheter Insertion (Perform) AP

62. Arterial Catheter Insertion (Assist), Care and Removal

63, Arterial Pressure-Based Cardiac Output Monitoring

6. Blood Sampling From an Arterial Catheter

65, Blood Sampling from a Central Venous Catheter

66. Blood Sampling From a Pulmonary Artery Catheter

67. Cardiac Output Measureme

AACN and Debra L. Wiegand, PhD, RN, CCRN, FAAN, Associate Professor, University of Maryland School of Nursing, Baltimore, Maryland;
Staff Nurse, Surgical Cardiac Care Unit, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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