New Content Libraries Added to Your My Evolve Content List

Recently, there were changes made to our password requirements and to your “My Evolve” content list. In addition to seeing links to your applicable  courses, you’ll also see additional links to all of your available products with a “content library” label. To get to your existing courses, please click the link that includes the “course ID” displayed underneath it. Your course may be contained in a folder, so if you don’t see it, look there. In addition, you can create a folder to store your “content libraries” to prevent confusion. This change will enable instructors who use a major learning management system to access their Elsevier products via a new tool called Evolve Link. Please visit our training and implementation site to learn more. 

Welcome to Evolve

The destination for healthcare educators to access and register for all of their Elsevier teaching materials.

Redeem an Access Code

Your code will look like [QMRR7A4WNAJXY3ZQRMNQ] or [UC2H3J4K5L6P] or [1234_bdobbs_001]

Get Your Students Into Your Course

Evolve makes class rosters easy by allowing students to self-enroll with your course ID (looks similar to this: 1479_jdoes73_0001). Download step-by-step instructions for your students to self-enroll.
As an alternate option, you may also enroll students or fellow instructors into your course by Submitting Your Class Roster.