ExamView (for Making Tests) and Importing Test Banks into Your LMS Training

Test banks for most of our Elsevier textbooks are provided in ExamView® format. ExamView is a suite of assessment software that allows you to access your test banks and build assessments for use outside of the Evolve website.

This page features online tutorials, guides, and training sessions developed by product trainers and nurse educators, allowing you to learn this product at your own pace.

I need to use ExamView to make paper tests, including for programs where my students are not able to access courses.

This option is typically for use with schools wanting to make paper tests or with government programs, GED programs, or accelerated high school programs. 

First, choose your operating system to install ExamView or TurningPoint Classic:

Second, choose the test-making instructions based on whether you’re using ExamView or TurningPoint Classic:

I need to use ExamView to convert Evolve test banks for use with my LMS (Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, Canvas, Moodle, etc.)

First, choose the LMS in which you want to make tests:

Please note, for Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, or Moodle users, if you download Evolve test banks using the guides above and the file extension is a .zip file instead of .imscc, you need to install ExamView and use it to convert those to .imscc files in the second and third sections below before returning to the guide in the first section above.

Second, choose your operating system to install ExamView or TurningPoint Classic:

Third, use this guide to convert .zip test bank files to .imscc files:


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