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How to Use Your HESI Analytics to Shape Your Studies

Written by: Brandon Thompson

After you’ve taken your HESI exam, always log-in, after sufficient mental break of course, but logging in to check and review your remediation packets is key to your HESI success. The remediation offers a direct insight as to what content area you need to focus on based on the questions you’ve missed during the exam. Below is a screenshot of my HESI portal.  

After you’ve skimmed through your remediation packets, while taking notes, take a look at your in-depth test scores. Below is a screenshot of my remediation packet for one specific exam. Pay close attention to the subcategories and how you scored on them. What areas were you weak in? What area are you strong in? While answering these questions for yourself, eliminate redundant studying. Do not exhaust your time on content you know extensively It is better to focus on your weak areas.

After you’ve done the above mentioned, this should not be rushed but done diligently, look at your scores. HESI normally has a required passing score, a passing score set by your institution, a national average, and your class average. I would advise to focus on the national average since this represents how you did on a national level. I believe this is also an insight as to how you will perform on the NCLEX when the time comes. The other scores are for information purposes. Avoid comparing yourself to others.  

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All the tools and analytics that are available to students are there to assist us in formulating the ideal study strategies for our future success. It is time to use your analytics! You will be more efficient with your study time.