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Did you know?

Most Elsevier textbooks come with a variety of helpful learning tools and resources on Evolve
to help you study more effectively and master the content in the text.

Free with New Textbooks

All of the Evolve resources available with Elsevier textbooks are included at no extra cost with your purchase.

Interactive and Engaging

Evolve resources are designed to be fun and interactive while helping you learn key concepts and deepen your understanding.

Digital and Convenient

The online delivery of Evolve resources means you can access these valuable digital study tools whenever and wherever you need them.

Quick and Easy Access

Each new Elsevier textbook that includes Evolve resources contains a unique code that unlocks all of these engaging study tools. If you’ve purchased a used textbook, you can still access the companion Evolve resources by purchasing a new access code.  

Study Your Way

Multimedia Evolve resources provide a variety of ways to master your textbook content, so you can use the tools that align with how you learn best. While the resources for each new text are unique, some popular formats include digital flash cards, puzzles and games, audio and video clips, case studies, review questions, and even printable practice forms and checklists. 

A Perfect Fit

Because Evolve resources are specifically created to accompany your textbook, you can be sure that these study tools are helping you learn the right information for course success. If you find that you’re struggling with a specific chapter topic or concept, you can quickly and easily find Evolve resources to help clarify and reinforce your understanding. 

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Evolve Resources