Sherpath is the personalized, learning technology that takes primary, relevant course content and gives you what you need to know now, in the time you have available, to achieve success tomorrow!


Study more effectively and master course content with this fully integrated, digital learning ecosystem where all of your course materials work together seamlessly.

Integrated Lessons and Assignments

Digital lessons create relevant, need-to-know content which includes multimedia, interspersed micro quizzes, and post-lesson assessments to gauge proficiency.

Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing

EAQ is seamlessly integrated into your Sherpath courses to help you focus on study time and effectively prepare for exams.

eBook Included

Your textbook is fully integrated into Sherpath, enabling you to access relevant reading materials and resources with just a few clicks.

Digital Learning Reimagined

Comprehensive digital lessons, organized by learning objectives, offer you a rich, engaging, study experience with multimedia, confidence indicators, adaptive remediation, mini assessments, and more — all in a supportive, interconnected environment.

Everything You Need in One Place

All of your course materials — from your ebook, to your lessons and assignments, to your EAQ quizzes — are included in Sherpath. Smart content means everything is integrated, consistent, and accessible across the course, putting the information and tools you need to succeed right at your fingertips, any time.

EAQ Comes Standard

Integrated into Sherpath, EAQ tailors your learning experience by delivering personalized quizzes to help you prioritize your study based on relevant topics, your individual strengths, and areas where you need improvement. In addition to the quizzes your instructor assigns, you can use EAQ for self-study to prepare for class, review and master important concepts, or study for course exams.

See How You’re Doing at a Glance

Your personal assignment dashboard gives you instant access to data and analytics on how you’re performing on lessons, EAQ quizzes, and exams. With these insights, you can better manage your study time and focus on specific topics and areas of weakness where you need to put in more effort or ask your instructor for help.

On-Demand Training

Sherpath can do a lot. Make the most of it with demo videos, printable guides, and more.


  • Can I access Sherpath offline?
    At this juncture, Sherpath is a web-based, online only solution. Your VST eBook that accompanies every collection can be downloaded to your VST library and accessed outside of Sherpath, offline.
  • Can I utilize Sherpath on my own without being enrolled in my instructor's course?
    You can only use Sherpath inside your instructor hosted course either on your school's LMS or on Canvas provided by Elsevier. Your Sherpath collection(s) will not be available for access until your instructor enables your course. Your instructor will make assignments, create EAQ quiz assignments and provide teaching materials for your course to provide a meaningful, relevant course experience.
  • Do I need a book to accompany Sherpath?
    Every Sherpath collection comes with a VST eBook. You can access the eBook in its entirety from your Sherpath course online or offline in your VST library after you have accessed your Sherpath collection.
  • How do I get access to Sherpath?
    Talk to your instructor about where your Sherpath course will be hosted – on your school's LMS or Canvas provided by Elsevier. Once you have obtained that information, you can redeem your access code that you have already purchased or you can purchase access at
  • What do I do if I'm stuck and need more help?
    Upon accessing Sherpath, you will have in-product, on-demand help resources. If you need additional assistance, chat with a Product Support Specialist at or talk live with Technical Support 1-800-222-9570.
  • What is Sherpath?
    Sherpath brings content to life by integrating the core content to a digital-first environment and complementing it with videos, images, lessons and quizzes on a single platform.