Immerse Yourself in Clinical Simulations







Boost your skills competency and enhance your critical thinking and clinical judgment with realistic, hands-on clinical simulation products from Elsevier. 



Real-World Clinical Experience

Clinical simulations allow you to practice providing care to virtual patients in a safe, controlled learning environment.

Clinical Judgment

Realistic, unfolding clinical scenarios challenge you to use your critical thinking and clinical judgment skills to solve problems and address unexpected events.

Soft Skills

Interactions with virtual patients and their families help strengthen your interpersonal and therapeutic communication skills.

Develop Clinical Reasoning Skills Caring for Patients

Master the skills you need to care for your patients in Shadow Health’s safe, standardized online environment. You’ll engage in meaningful interactions with Digital Standardized Patients, applying your clinical judgment to dig deeper by asking the right questions, provide therapeutic communication, and discern next steps for your patients’ care. 

Dive into a Virtual Reality

Elsevier’s Simulation Learning System (SLS) with Virtual Reality (VR) leverages cutting-edge virtual reality technology to provide you with experiential, simulated clinical encounters. From the moment you slip on the VR headset, you are transported to a virtual clinical environment that challenges you to make decisions in real-time that have direct patient implicationand mirror the fast-paced, ever-changing nature of real-world nursing care. 

Fine Tune Your Patient Communication Skills

Learn how to communicate more effectively and confidently in the clinical setting with Shadow Health®. Using the patented conversation engine in their screen-based, unfolding Digital Clinical Experiences, you’ll engage in meaningful interactions with digital patients, applying clinical judgment to determine the right questions to ask to dig deeper, discern next steps, and deliver sound therapeutic communication.   

Master the Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Simulating the software used in hospitals and care settings nationwide, SimChart® is ainteractive, web-based EHR system that allows you to practice electronic charting in a safe, controlled environment. Realistic assignments and unfolding clinical scenarios require you to document care, make clinical judgments, and respond to charting in the EHR, ensuring you develop the electronic documentation skills needed to succeed in today’s digital healthcare environment. 

On-Demand Training

Reach your learning potential with product demo videos, printable guides, and more.


  • How do I get access to any of these simulations?
    Our simulations are available through our online platform, EvolveIf required by your instructor as part of one or more of your courses, you can purchase access from your participating campus bookstore, or directly through the Evolve websiteAfter you've purchased access, but before you can redeem it, you'll need some additional information from your course instructor.
  • What do I do if I'm stuck and need more help?
    Please visit our online technical support center at Technical Support Center to access self-service options, chat with a live representative, or call us at 1-800-222-9570.
  • What is Elsevier's Shadow Health®?
    Shadow Health® is a realistic screen-based simulation that allows you to practice the skills you need to care for your patients in a safe and standardized environment. You will engage with Digital Standardized Patients™ using a state-of-the-art conversation engine and interactive 3D imagery to perform assessments, practice documentation, and demonstrate critical thinking.
  • What is Elsevier’s Simulation Learning System (SLS) for RN with VR?
    By partnering with SimX, an industry-leading virtual reality company, Elsevier’s new nursing solution will change the way you learn, and ensure you are ready for practice. With more than 100 unique scenarios, our Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation Learning System (SLS) offers an exciting opportunity for clinical experience in a realistic, immersive, and safe virtual reality environment, without the need for additional space, expensive manikins, or large sim labs! SLS simulations are meant to be facilitated in a simulation lab or in virtual reality, led by your instructor. Simulation content may be hidden in your SLS with VR course until your instructor assigns it to you.
  • What is Elsevier’s Simulation Learning System (SLS)?
    Simulation Learning System or SLS integrates simulation technology into your course by providing realistic scenarios and supportive learning resources that correspond to many different Elsevier textbooks. Simulation with the SLS is a complete learning experience that bridges the gap between lecture and clinical to prepare you for the real world.
  • What is SimChart®?
    SimChart® is a simulated Electronic Health Record system specifically developed to teach the skill of electronic documentation. As Electronic Health Records become mandatory in hospitals, clinics, and private practices, it is essential that you graduate with this core competency. By learning to document in SimChart®, you'll have the foundation you need to be successful in today's modern healthcare environment.