HESI® Compass

Navigate to NCLEX success with the predictive power of HESI

NCLEX Review
Personalized to You

HESI Compass is a virtual NCLEX review course that provides an individualized study plan alongside a personal coach who is dedicated to answering your questions and providing guidance in the final weeks before you take the NCLEX.

Personal Coach

Your coach is a real, live person — an experienced nurse educator — who lends you their expertise and advice as you progress through the course.

Detailed Content Review

Saunders online review modules, based on NCLEX content categories, start with a broad content review and gradually refine assignments to help you focus your study efforts.

Individualized Study Plan

A personalized study plan, based on assessments throughout the course, addresses weak areas you should prioritize to boost your NCLEX score.

Your Personal Coach = Your Biggest Cheerleader

HESI Compass pairs you with a personal coach who will be by your side throughout the duration of the course, answering your questions and offering guidance, motivation, course personalization, and more. You can count on your coach to get you through the tough stuff and give you the confidence you need to take on the NCLEX.

Get the Practice and Review You Need to Succeed

Throughout the course, you’ll be served up self-study questions, testlets, HESI Case Studies, and customized quizzes that continually reinforce your knowledge and foster the critical thinking and clinical judgment you need to succeed on the NCLEX and in clinical practice.

Regular Checkpoints Keep You on the Right Path

A pre-course assessment gauges your knowledge and identifies weak areas to personalize your HESI Compass journey. Two full HESI Exit Exams, mirroring the actual NCLEX, are given at the middle and the end of the course to inform your digital study plans and let you know where you stand when it comes to passing the NCLEX.

Keep Calm and Study On

There’s no doubt that preparing for the NCLEX can be stressful. HESI Compass offers tools for self-reflection, as well as valuable time management and stress management resources,to help reduce any anxiety you may be feeling. Plus, your personal coach is also there to lend an ear and calm your fears.

Stay on Track Right Up to the NCLEX

Extended course access, for up to 90 days after completion at no extra cost, means you can revisit your personal study plans as much as you need, right up to exam day.

On-Demand Training