Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing (EAQ)

Your HESI® Exit Exam Results and Success on NCLEX

What is EAQ?

EAQ puts thousands of high-quality practice questions at your fingertips, so you can focus your study time and effectively prepare for classroom lectures, course tests, and exams.

Custom Quizzing

Strengthen your knowledge and confidence with personalized quizzes that help you focus your study efforts where it’s needed most.

Topic Mastery

With every quiz, you’ll advance at your own pace through multiple mastery levels for each chapter, concept, or topic.

Continuous Feedback

Instant quiz results and a comprehensive dashboard help you gauge your understanding of key topics and focus your study time in the areas where it’s needed most.

Practice Makes Perfect

Valuable test-taking tips and strategies help you learn how to successfully dissect and tackle different question types to boost your confidence on exam day. High-quality questions and rationales allow you to practice applying your knowledge and develop essential critical thinking and clinical judgment skills.  


Level Up

With each quiz you take, you’re building your knowledge and solidifying your understanding of important topics and concepts. Mastery levels within EAQ help you track your progress and see how far you’ve come in achieving important learning goals. You can also earn fun badges as you reach key milestones! 

Quiz Your Way

In addition to the quizzes assigned by your instructors, you can easily create your own quizzes on the topics of your choice with just a few clicks. Self-quizzing is a great way to deepen your understanding of key concepts, explore additional topics, and prepare for class or an upcoming test. 


Know Where You Stand

EAQ helps you to constantly monitor your performance, providing ongoing insights and data on your progress and identifying your unique areas of strength and weakness. Quiz results point out your correct and incorrect answers with detailed rationales, enabling you to understand how you performed and easily target those areas of study where you need the most improvement. 

On-Demand Training


  • Can I use EAQ to study for NCLEX?
    Yes, EAQ is a great resource from preparing for class, studying for course exams, and for getting ready to sit for the NCLEX. Check out our EAQ for NCLEX-RN — Check out EAQ for NCLEX-PN — 
  • What is EAQ?
    Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing (EAQ) is a quizzing platform that offers a bank of high-quality practice questions that allows you to advance at your own pace – based on your performance – through multiple mastery levels.
  • What is the benefit of study mode?
    Study Mode allows you to view the correct and incorrect responses, as well as a detailed rationale, after submission of each question. These rationales include everything from test-taking strategies to links to additional resources such as charts, videos, and more!
  • What is topic mastery and how does it work?
    There are three levels of mastery: Level 1 – Novice, Level 2 – Intermediate, and Level 3 – Proficient. As you continue to answer questions and consistency answer correctly, you will begin to level up and receive questions of increasing difficulty. All quizzes, whether created by you or your instructor, calculate into your overall level of mastery.
  • What makes EAQ adaptive?
    EAQ serves up questions personalized to you and the level of mastery you are currently at. Further customize your experience by creating your own custom quizzes in the topic of your choosing.