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A Nursing Student’s Guide to Self-Care Sundays

Written by Kirsten Anderson

 By Kirsten Anderson 

As a student nurse, self-care is something that may often fall short. Yet, self-care is essential to get you through nursing school or any rigorous program. That is why I try to dedicate my Sundays to self-care! Focusing on myself and getting in the right mindset for the week is how to set yourself up for success. This is as easy as taking a nice long walk, painting your nails, or even taking an extra nap. Allow this time for yourself and let your body do what it needs to do to reset.

In the healthcare field, especially in nursing, balance, and prioritization is something you will have to master. Setting a day aside for yourself as a student is one of the first steps you can take towards a positive habit that will benefit you now and post-grad. Finding a balance and prioritizing yourself may take some time, but here are some things I like to remember to incorporate for my self-care Sundays!

Be Active.

One of my favorite ways to spend my Sunday is being active. It is not only good for you physically, but mentally. There is nothing better than starting the week off feeling productive after a great workout.

Be Present.

As I said before, nursing school often consumes your thoughts even when the class is over. Constantly studying or having homework in your mind may give you that “senioritis” feeling before you know it. If you have a self-care day or time set aside for you, be PRESENT in that time and focus on what you are doing.

Be Social.

If you are in nursing school, socializing with your friends outside of school may be a bit of a struggle. Therefore, it is essential to set time aside to be social! Make plans with friends and family on your days off. I like Sundays to have some family and friend time because I view socialization as a form of self-care!


My favorite part of my self-care days is when I can empty my mind and rest and relax. This is my secret to successfully taking on the week. I use my rest time to reflect on the week that passed and leave it in the past. This is when you just get to lay in bed and not have to worry about anything besides taking a long nap! Resting looks different to everyone; it can take place by the pool, beach, or in a cozy bedroom. But, nothing beats being well-rested when that Monday morning alarm hits and you feel READY to tackle the day! 

These are just some things I like to remember when Sunday comes around, and I feel like I need some self-care. Remembering to look out for myself and dedicating a “day off” of school/work has allowed me to become the student nurse I want to be. Learning how to take care of yourself is just as important as taking care of patients! 


Kirsten Anderson

Future Nurse | Elsevier Student Ambassador