The ultimate practice, review & exam prep

The Ultimate
Practice, Review
& Exam Prep

When you see the name HESI, you can be confident knowing you’re using the best
and most trusted tools to prepare for success in class, on credentialing
exams, and in clinical practice.


Ideal for use throughout your learning journey, HESI practice tools reinforce and assess your understanding of key concepts.


Reliable exams provide valuable test-taking experience to help build your knowledge, skills, and confidence as you prepare for credentialing exams. 


Personalized online remediation addresses your unique knowledge gaps so you can focus your study time to achieve the best results.

Apply Your Knowledge to Real-World Cases

Available for nursing programs, HESI Case Studies are realistic, unfolding patient care scenarios designed to help you learn how to manage the complex patient conditions you’ll encounter in the clinical setting. Accompanying questions challenge you to use your clinical judgment skills to make sound patient care decisions.

Build Your Test-Taking Confidence

HESI Practice Tests introduce you to standardized testing and the kinds of application-level questions you’ll face on future HESI exams and, ultimately, your credentialing exam. They are an ideal tool for building your knowledge and confidence so you can successfully tackle any exam that comes your way.

Take a Deeper Dive on Key Topics

Featuring nursing topics such as fundamentals, health assessment, and pharmacology, HESI Specialty Exams measure your ability to apply concepts related to specific clinical nursing content areas throughout the curriculum. This way, you’ll know for sure that you’ve mastered all the specialty areas essential for NCLEX and career success.

Make Sure You’re Ready for the Big Exam

The HESI Exit Exam is the ultimate practice exam to see if you’re ready for the real deal. With question formats and exam blueprints that mirror actual credentialing exams, our exit exams measure your readiness for board exams and can reliably assess your chances of passing. Plus, the results of exit exams allow you to identify and address areas of weakness before exam day.

Get Targeted Resources to Improve Your Performance

HESI provides personalized online remediation to help close your unique knowledge gaps. Prioritized to highlight areas where you need improvement, you’ll get targeted, interactive learning content and activities designed to help you boost your knowledge and confidence, focus your study efforts, and prepare for exam success.

On-Demand Training


  • Are there any mobile apps available to help me prepare?
    • HESI Q&A for the NCLEX-RN® Exam is available in the app store.
    • NCLEX® apps for Saunders products are available in the app store.
  • How do I prepare for a HESI exam?
    The best way to go into your exams feeling confident is to practice first – the earlier the better! Here are some tools to help you get started: HESI Nursing Case Studies and HESI Nursing & Health Professions Practice Tests are often required by instructors to help get students ready for their HESI exams (and the boards.) Students who've used them say they're the best practice available to help prepare for HESI exams. The questions are written like the questions you'll see on the HESI exams, and there are more in these products than in any other source! So if your instructor had you purchase either or both of these products, make sure you're using them fully. You won't regret it. The HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX® is also a great way to prepare for your HESI RN and HESI PN exams.” Since HESI exam questions are written like questions you'll encounter on your board examination, quality review products are also good for extra practice. There are a lot of options available for Nursing students. Click here to see some of the most popular.
  • How does HESI help students prepare for certification exams?
    Questions on HESI exams are written at the critical-thinking level – like those that students will see on the board exam. That means the questions on HESI exams are often more challenging than some of the other practice questions students will see throughout their education. So while HESI can be tough, so is the NCLEX® and every other board examination. And the more often students are exposed to the rigorous style of questions they'll see on the NCLEX® or certification exam, the more comfortable and confident they'll be when they take the actual exam.
  • I've seen several websites that say they can help me study for the HESI exam, what is your take on those sites?
    These websites do not contain HESI content, and we do not endorse, support or are affiliated in any way with these other websites. The services they provide are not based on access to any HESI content (questions or exam structure), so beware of any promises that you find with these products online. The best way to prepare for HESI exams is to use products like those described above – especially those based on actual HESI content.
  • If HESI is just a practice exam, why should I take it seriously? And what is predictive accuracy?
    HESI really will help you gauge how you'll perform on the board exams. Detailed studies have been conducted on HESI RN and PN exit exams, and research shows that the HESI exit exam is up to 98% predictive of NCLEX® success. That means that if you succeed on the HESI exit exam, you'll most likely pass the NCLEX®. Some schools also assign their own scores or passing requirements to HESI exams. Those course requirements are established by each school – not by HESI or Elsevier.
  • What is HESI?
    HESI isn't just one exam. It's a suite of products, including exams, to help students prepare for their board exams (most commonly the NCLEX® exams for nursing). In most cases, individual schools select the specific HESI exams and prep-products that will be made available to their students. The products chosen by the schools include exams that can be taken before students ever enter the program, exams and prep-products offered throughout individual courses, and a comprehensive exit exam that covers the entire curriculum.
  • What is remediation and why is it important in helping me prepare for the NCLEX®, other credentialing body exams, and future HESI exams?
    Some of the best preparation for the NCLEX® or any other board examination you plan to sit for comes after you've taken a HESI exam. Every exam comes with a free, online program through Evolve to help you review – and then improve – your weaknesses. It's called "online remediation," and it's personalized to your needs, based on your exam scores.
      • After your exam, you’ll get an email guiding you to log into your student access account.
      • Next, you'll see a breakdown of the areas you need to work on.
    • Finally, you're taken to small excerpts of content from Elsevier that specifically relates to the topics you need to improve. Review questions are also often included with the readings, to help you feel secure that you fully understand the topic.
    The HESI online remediation is free, and it's the best way to make sure you are spending your valuable time before the NCLEX® or your respective board examination (or before a HESI retest) focusing on exactly what you need to study.