Did you know the NCLEX® is changing in April 2023? That means all RN and PN students will be required to take the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN)—a new approach to the licensure exam that focuses on clinical judgment to get you thinking like a nurse before you enter the workforce.


The NGN might seem like a big change, but Elsevier has you covered—learn more about the details of the exam, how it will impact you, and ways you can prepare for new item types you’ll see on the NGN.

When will the NCLEX change?

The NGN is coming no sooner than April 2023 for RN and PN students. The exam also applies to 2022 students who were unsuccessful in passing the first time in December or January.

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Here’s the good news—the knowledge you’re gaining in your program will still apply to the NGN, but the NGN will offer a different way to measure your clinical judgment. Elsevier is your trusted partner in making sure you have everything you need for the changes ahead.

If your institution uses these you’ll see NGN content in:

Or you can practice Clinical Judgment in:

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Why the change?

Studies show that recent graduates fall short when it comes to clinical judgment skills—65% of entry-level nursing errors result from poor clinical decision-making, and 50% of entry-level nurses were involved in practice errors.

To make sure new graduates are prepared for what’s to come, the test will include case studies that challenge test-takers to think critically. In unfolding case studies and stand-alone case studies, different types of questions will be used to test how you would approach situations you would see in the real world.

This change in the NCLEX will hopefully give students the confidence to make sound clinical decisions, be patient-ready sooner, and achieve the best outcomes for patients.

The Next Generation NCLEX is an improved version of the current NCLEX. According to the NCSBN, this exam will ask better questions to help new nurses think critically when providing care and make the right decisions in the clinical setting.


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