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How to Achieve Balance in Nursing School

Written by: Erica De Haro

The life of a nursing student can get very busy. However, it is an exciting time in our lives where we are introduced to a whole new world. We learn the language of nursing and manage a complicated course load while studying countless hours and participating in clinicals. In the midst of our crazy schedules, I believe it is important to find balance. I am a big advocate of implementing balance into my life and I love to inspire others to do the same! 

Here are some tips on how to achieve balance in nursing school 

  • Planner: A planner will help you master time management. Organizing your assignments, quizzes, exams, and volunteer events will aid you in staying on track. Managing your time should be about simplifying how you work to relieve stress rather than squeezing multiple tasks into one day. Remember work smarter, not harder. 
  • Self-care: The director of our nursing program always reminds us to make time for ourselves whether it’s watching a movie, spending time with loved ones, or hiking. Taking the time for yourself is so important for your well-being. Find ways that work best for you, it will help to reduce stress and prevent burn out. If you want to take care of others, you must first be able to take care of yourself. 
  • Practice healthy habits: Get 6-8 hours of sleep each night, drink lots of water, eat nutritious foods, and exercise. As a nursing student, your emotional and physical well-being play a role in balancing your academic and professional success. Establishing healthy habits early on in nursing school is essential. This will help to revitalize your energy and incorporate wellness into your everyday life. 

Ultimately, I hope you enjoy the beautiful journey of being a nursing student. Throughout all the challenges of nursing school that you may face, always remember to find your balance. Take the time to learn and grow from these experiences and never forget how far you have come. Invest in your mind, invest in your health, and invest in yourself.