Elsevier's Assessment Builder

This simple and convenient solution helps you prepare your students for the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) by providing clear, dynamic NGN authoring templates that make it easier for you to write and deliver all NGN item types for standalone and unfolding case studies. You will save countless hours of time writing these questions and be able to write and administer quizzes and exams that effectively set your students up for NGN success.

Save time with Elsevier’s Assessment Builder

NGN questions take a substantial amount of time to write on your own — six hours on average per item — meaning it would take approximately 36 hours to create an entire unfolding case study with the required six items* without the use of Elsevier’s Assessment Builder.

* Carolyn Kerns: How to Approach Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Test Item Writing

See how Elsevier's Assessment Builder can help you prepare for the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)!

This tool will guide you through writing and delivering all NGN item types for standalone and unfolding case studies through templates as well as allow you to pick and choose from an existing item bank that includes NGN standalone and unfolding case studies that can be customized to meet your needs.

NGN Item Templates

In-app NGN item templates that walk you through writing all NGN item types for standalone and unfolding case studies.

Traditional NCLEX Item Templates

In-app standard item templates that guide you through writing traditional NCLEX item types.

NGN Item Bank

An NGN item bank that includes unfolding case studies, standalone trend case studies, and standalone bowtie case studies for a total of over 100 questions split across RN and PN.

LMS Integration

Flexible delivery and integration options through your LMS or the Evolve LMS for writing and delivering items, managing course assignments, and synching with LMS gradebooks.