Shadow Health®

Put the patient at the forefront of the learning experience with high-fidelity screen-based simulations with Shadow Health’s Digital Clinical Experiences™.

Shadow Health is available for undergraduate and graduate nursing, as well as for novice nurses in healthcare organizations.

Why Shadow Health?

Explore how Shadow Health can empower your students to improve patient outcomes in practice:

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Core Features

Positive Impact


Through the natural language Conversation Engine™, students use their own words to gather subjective data and provide therapeutic communication.

Physical Exam

Physical Exam

Students gather and interpret objective data to assess their patients’ conditions.

Education and Empathy

Education and Empathy

Students practice therapeutic communication by empathizing with patients to build rapport and providing education to close gaps in health literacy.


Electronic Health Record

Students review existing documentation, write their own, and compare their work to an exemplar’s model note.

Nursing and Health Education

Student Performance Index™

You and your students see immediate, valid, and reliable measurements of clinical reasoning. These measurements include proficiency levels and detailed feedback to identify areas of strength and opportunities for remediation.

Research & Articles

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Using the Digital Clinical Experiences™ as Evidence for the Accreditation Process

Learn how Shadow Health’s Digital Clinical Experiences™ can demonstrate high quality education outcomes for nursing programs to use as evidence during the accreditation process.

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The Value of Virtual Patient Scenarios

Learn how virtual patient scenarios like Shadow Health can provide positive clinical judgment skill development for your students. Research suggests that high-fidelity simulations can be more realistic and challenging than traditional methods.

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Measuring Efficiency in Nursing Student Patient Care Skills Using the Digital Clinical Experiences (DCE) ™

Discover how the Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experiences™ help 82% of learners increase efficiency. Our research-backed program helps improve data collection, therapeutic communication, and care planning.

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Demonstrating Efficacy in Clinical Judgment Skills Using the Digital Clinical Experiences™

Elsevier’s Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experiences™ provide realistic interactions with virtual patients using a patented conversation engine. Clinical judgment behaviors such as Recognize Cues, Analyze Cues, Prioritize Hypothesis, Generate Solutions, Take Actions, and Evaluate Outcomes are integrated within each of the DCE patient interactions, giving learners the opportunity to practice and develop these critical skills in a standardized environment. This helps learners build confidence in their clinical judgment skills and become more effective at delivering high-quality care to a diverse population of patients.