Simulation Learning System (SLS)

Maximize the capabilities of human patient simulators and integrate simulation into your nursing curriculum with Simulation Learning System (SLS). It's the best way to give your students the hands-on practice they need to be successful in today’s healthcare environment.

Easily incorporate SLS into your curriculum

SLS makes it easy to add patient simulation to your curriculum with comprehensive educator support available throughout the entire experience.

“Every single student is going to go in and do that exact same scenario, so every student is going to have that defined experience.”

SLS Provides Consistent Learning for Students Online at Tarrant County College

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Online Scenarios

More than 200 evidence-based simulation scenarios correspond to Elsevier’s texts in core nursing disciplines and include clear instructions and supporting resources to help you conduct the most realistic simulations possible.

Pre- and Post-Simulation Activities

Pre and post-simulation activities are provided to reinforce student comprehension and help develop essential critical thinking and clinical judgment skills.

EHR powered by SimChart®

Housing records for patient simulation scenarios and skills drills, SLS's robust EHR platform helps students learn how to properly document patient care.

Live and On-demand Training

Learn how to get the most out of your SLS solution.

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