Simulation Learning System (SLS) with Virtual Reality (VR)

Enhance student clinical judgment with the first hands-on nursing virtual reality simulation of its kind. SLS with VR allows you to step into a completely immersive virtual reality environment and experience clinical nursing in a whole new way.

By partnering with SimX, an industry-leading virtual reality company, Elsevier’s new nursing solution will change the way students learn, and ensure they are ready for practice.

Take simulation to the next level

With more than 100 unique scenarios our Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation Learning System (SLS) offers an exciting opportunity for clinical experience in a realistic, immersive, and safe virtual reality environment, without the need for additional space, expensive manikins, or large sim labs!

Just like in a traditional simulation lab, the instructor facilitates the virtual reality experience through easy-to-use software that allows multiple students to experience the virtual reality simulation at the same time. To make the experience even more engaging, students not participating in the simulation can observe and actually see what the students in the headset are seeing!

Watch the video to see how you can give your students a more immersive, realistic, and complete simulation learning experience at a surprisingly affordable price.