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As your trusted partner in preparing students for NCLEX success, Elsevier wants to help you stay up to date with the latest developments related to the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN).

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NCLEX New Item Types

New Item Types Overview

The NCSBN has introduced a new format for the NCLEX® exam is now available. The Next Generation NCLEX exam includes a new case study-based format and new question types. The NGN Explainer videos offer a great overview, with visual representations of all the questions and item types! View all NGN item types.

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We're connecting with industry leaders to host webinars that provide you with the latest information and tools you need to prepare for what's next. See what’s coming for NGN online events or view our recording archive.  

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NGN for All

Elsevier is proud to introduce NGN for All—an initiative to get all students ready for the types of questions they’ll receive on the Next Generation NCLEX®. NGN questions will now be integrated and available in everyone’s HESI Next Generation exams where content is available. Once students complete an exam, they’ll see reporting on how they performed on these new questions. While these new items are optional and won’t impact final HESI scores, they allow you to prepare students early and put your program one step ahead towards being NGN-ready.

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