Sherpath®- Nursing Teaching and Learning Technology

Built specifically for healthcare education, this innovative nurse teaching and learning technology offers interactive course content with a variety of assignment types, quizzing tools, and teaching resources to help you better engage students and achieve your learning objectives.

Sherpath with EAQ Prepares Students for the NGN

To ensure students are confident and comfortable sitting for the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN), early and frequent practice with NGN item types is critical. Sherpath will help you seamlessly integrate clinical judgment and NGN preparation into your curriculum through newly developed cases and items for the NGN.

  • Modeled after NCSBN item types, so students can begin gaining practical experience today.
  • Gauge student success by monitoring student performance through EAQ performance dashboards.
  • Students can review the rationales an unlimited number of times after assignment completion for continued practice and familiarity.
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As your trusted partner in preparing students for NCLEX success, Elsevier wants to help you stay up to date with the latest developments related to the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN).

Sherpath gives you the power to teach your way

Sherpath Personalized Quizzes

Personalized & Interactive

Assign personalized quizzing and interactive lesson content to better engage students and ensure they are prepared for class.

Sherpath Diverse Learning

Diverse Learning Styles

Accommodate a diverse student population with varying learning styles by leveraging relevant nursing resources and providing engaging assignments to drive your course objectives.

Analytics and Insights

Analytics & Insights

Get assignment analytics and insights that clearly show student engagement, understanding, and progress. This allows you to identify content misconceptions and struggling students so you can intervene and remediate.

Explore Sherpath for RN

Sherpath is available for a variety of nursing disciplines including mental health nursing, leadership and management, maternal-newborn, and pharmacology.

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Explore Sherpath for LPN

Sherpath for LPN is now available in a variety of disciplines, including pharmacology, fundamentals, and medical-surgical nursing.

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Sherpath for Medical Assisting

Explore Sherpath for Medical Assisting

Sherpath is available for a range of medical assisting courses, including administrative, and clinical.

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Through a single interface, Sherpath delivers:

  • 1. Lesson Assignment

    Digital lessons create an engaging, didactic experience to better help students achieve learning objectives. Relevant, need-to-know content includes multimedia, interspersed micro quizzes, and post-lesson assessments to gauge proficiency.

  • 2. EAQ

    Adaptive quizzing allows you to create relevant quizzes on a wide variety of topics to facilitate student knowledge application with high-quality practice questions. This personalized, formative quizzing tool allows you and your students to better understand areas of weakness and implement targeted remediation.

  • 3. Teaching Materials & eBook

    Relevant teaching resources, class activities, and reading recommendations from your Elsevier eBook, can easily be made visible to students through Sherpath’s course plan. These invaluable materials are tagged and organized to your assignments so you can more easily locate relevant course items.

  • 4. Performance

    Comprehensive assignment dashboards and analytics put vital performance data at your fingertips. This enables you to quickly make content coverage adjustments, see which students are completing assignments, and identify individuals who may be struggling.

  • 5. Virtual Simulations

    Case-based simulations scenarios allow students to practice interventions and interactions with patients in an immersive, digital environment.

    Only available for select Sherpath collections.

  • 6. Skills

    Deliver skills exercises with digital checkoff tools to help evaluate student competency on important skills outside of the clinical environment.

    Only available for select Sherpath collections.

See what Sherpath can offer your program

Explore the digital teaching and learning technology built specifically for healthcare education. With its interactive lesson content and personalized quizzing, Sherpath allows you to accommodate a diverse student population with varying learning styles.

Sherpath Training

Live and On-demand Training

Learn how to get the most out of your Sherpath solution.

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