Sherpath for Health Professions

Built specifically for healthcare education, this innovative teaching and learning technology offers interactive course content with a wealth of assignment types, assessment tools, and teaching resources to help engage students and achieve your learning objectives.

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Sherpath for health professional education

Explore Sherpath’s simple, seamless, and supportive digital teaching and learning environment that saves valuable time, delivers interconnected course content and tools in a single interface, and provides meaningful learning analytics to drive outcomes for students and educators.

Dental Assisting Medical Assisting

Through a single interface, Sherpath delivers:

  • Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing

    This highly effective, formative evaluation tool personalizes quizzes based on each student’s performance and allows you to choose relevant topics on which to quiz your students.

  • Performance Dashboard and Reporting Capabilities

    Sherpath gives both faculty and students a comprehensive performance dashboard to help gauge strengths, weaknesses, confusion, and confidence throughout the course, providing a holistic view of any topics of misconception or students who are struggling.

  • Course Plan

    The nerve center of Sherpath, Course Plan enables you to easily drag and drop modules based on your schedule, assign lessons*, and make relevant teaching materials and reading passages available to students.

  • Enhanced Test Banks*

    This convenient feature gives you all-in-one access to your test bank from your Sherpath courses. *Only available for select Sherpath collections.

  • Evolve Resources

    Evolve resources are seamlessly accessible, allowing you to incorporate relevant teaching materials into your course.

  • Digital Lessons*

    Sherpath’s lessons are aligned to key student learning objectives and create a rich, engaging, didactic experience with multimedia, confidence indicators, adaptive remediation, mini assessments throughout the assignment, and a final assessment to gauge understanding of the material. *Only available for select Sherpath collections.