Nursing and Health Profession Simulations to Enhance Student Learning

Boost your students’ skills competency, enhance their critical thinking and clinical judgment with realistic, hands-on clinical simulation products from Elsevier.

Our simulation for health profession and nursing education products address all stages of your students’ learning — from pre-clinical preparation to post-clinical debriefing.

Discover healthcare and nursing simulation products below:

“Simulation allows students to develop their critical-thinking skills.”

Faculty use robust simulation program to enhance student experience

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Virtual simulation of patient with chest pains

Shadow Health®

By partnering with Shadow Health, a cutting-edge healthcare simulation provider, Elsevier can now more effectively support the needs of nursing educators who seek to improve learning outcomes and practice readiness for future health professionals. The addition of Shadow Health’s virtual nursing simulations to Elsevier’s learning and assessment solutions provides an even more comprehensive offering to support nursing program goals.

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virtual reality simulation in healthcare

Simulation Learning System (SLS) with Virtual Reality (VR)

Enhance student clinical judgment with the first hands-on nursing virtual reality simulation of its kind. SLS with VR allows you to step into a completely immersive virtual reality environment and experience clinical nursing in a whole new way.

By partnering with SimX, an industry-leading virtual reality company, Elsevier’s new nursing solution will change the way students learn, and ensure they are ready for practice.

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students learning using virtual patient simulation

Simulation Learning System (SLS)

Maximize the capabilities of human patient simulators and integrate healthcare simulation into your nursing curriculum with simulation learning system (SLS). It’s the best way to give your students the hands-on practice they need to be successful in today’s healthcare environment.

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nurse looking at computer

SimChart® for Nursing

Developed with nursing students in mind, SimChart provides a realistic, yet controlled way to help students master their practice. The simulated electronic health record (EHR) helps students to perfect electronic charting, demonstrate clinical judgment in patient care, and thrive in today’s modern healthcare environment.

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nurse checking health records

SimChart® for Health Assessment

This web-based, simulated electronic health record (EHR) system designed specifically as a learning tool for health assessment students. It combines practical, real-world experience in electronic documentation with powerful, fully integrated educator support to help you incorporated EHR practice into your Sherpath for Health Assessment course — from the classroom to the clinical learning environment.

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doctors having conversation with nurse

SimChart® for the Medical Office

This unique, hands-on, medical office electronic health record (EHR) reinforces ABHES and CAAHEP competencies in all of the charting and practice management tasks required of a medical administrative training student. The SimChart® for Medical Office prepares your students for a modern medical office environment with realistic environments, interactive assessments and more.

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nurse working on laptop

Clinical Skills

Skills for Nursing gives your students a consistent, 360-degree look at the most important skills, including communication, practical, and decision-making skills in nursing. This allows students to become familiar with a standardized skills competency format they will encounter throughout their nursing education before they ever step foot in the clinical environment. Best of all, this remarkable training product includes competency checklists and interactive quizzes for each skill to help you easily keep tabs on your students’ progress.

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SimPractice & Skills Checklists

Challenge students to performing real-world skills in a safe, monitored environment with our simulation practice tools. These hands-on tools help strengthen their clinical competency and critical thinking abilities, all while allowing you to track their progress.

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