HESI® Review & Testing Solutions

Elsevier's complete review and testing solution, HESI offers reliable assessments and preparation products that enable you to analyze and improve student performance. By using HESI in your teaching, you can also help your students to practice clinical judgment and help your program to achieve even greater levels of success.

HESI and the Next Generation NCLEX®

Designed to measure students’ abilities to apply concepts related to specific clinical nursing content areas, while ensuring students are prepared to confidently pass the NCLEX-RN. Through remediation, meaningful insights, and much more, HESI prepares you and your students for the Next Generation NCLEX. HESI Compass features virtual NCLEX review with personalized content powered by the predictive power of HESI assessments to give students a structured review plan filled with content that focuses on their weakest knowledge areas.

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HESI Specialty Exams RN

HESI Specialty Exams are the ideal way to test students throughout your nursing curriculum. NGN items include unfolding and standalone cases, which contain bowtie and trend item types.

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HESI Exit Exams RN

HESI Exit Exam helps identify' areas of strength and weakness and the possible need for remediation prior to taking the NCLEX. NGN items include unfolding and standalone cases, as well as bowtie and trend test item types.

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HESI Compass RN

HESI Compass provides personalized NCLEX review content prioritized to each student’s weakest areas throughout the course. Included in this review content are NGN standalone and unfolding cases to assess students’ clinical judgment skills leading up to, and after graduation.

As your trusted partner in preparing students for NCLEX success, Elsevier wants to help you stay up to date with the latest developments related to the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN)

Prepare your students for the classroom, credentialing exam, and career success with Elsevier's HESI review and testing solution.

“Using those products to the best capability has been extremely helpful for us.”

Faculty’s Use of HESI and EAQ Leads to 32% Increase in NCLEX Pass Rate

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HESI Training

Live and on-demand training

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Remote Proctoring through HESI

Remote Proctoring through HESI

As colleges and universities continue the shift to a remote model, we recognize the effect it may have on the ability to administer secure assessments. In response, Elsevier has streamlined a solution for delivering remotely proctored HESI exams. Our continuing goal is to equip and support educators in administering the assessments that are so vital to developing well prepared future nurses. We sincerely hope this offering helps alleviate concerns surrounding exam day logistics amid this new reality.
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Foster Students' Clinical Judgment Throughout Their Journey

Student success on the Next Generation NCLEX and in practice depends on how your program approaches developing job-ready students. An essential aspect of this is using comprehensive, consistent tools across your nursing curriculum that foster clinical judgment and critical thinking. Only Elsevier offers a complete, end-to-end solution with the authoritative and consistent content and digital solutions required to help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to excel on the NCLEX and in practice.

Discover how our products best support your students for the NCLEX

Build Knowledge

Enduring Elsevier content, built to establish a foundation for practice, is key to reinforcing students’ ability to make connections between recognized cues, analyze them to develop hypotheses, and take action to generate solutions.

Products that build knowledge with enduring Elsevier content:

Apply Clinical Judgment

Elsevier digital solutions enable you to bring clinical judgment concepts into the classroom and lab. Products such as HESI Case Studies, SimChart®, and Simulation Learning System create an environment that allows students to safely practice making clinical judgments.

Products that are designed to observe how students are processing information and demonstrating clinical judgment when making patient care decisions:

Assess & Review

HESI tests and assessments are backed by more than 20 years. Our experts are focused on aligning with NCSBN to create items delivered in the same valid, reliable, and secure manner you have relied upon for ensuring students are ready for the NCLEX.

Products that were created evaluate how well students are understanding key concepts and using their clinical judgment skills:

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