HESI offers a comprehensive assessment solution with valid and reliable exams, as well as proven practice and review products that work together seamlessly to help your students and your program achieve even greater levels of success.

Empower your programs, pass rates, and students’ exam performance with HESI’s Review and Testing solution.

We’ve combined the expert exam development of HESI with trusted content in innovative formats from Elsevier to provide you and your students with a preparation, testing, and remediation solution like no other. It’s everything you need to help students excel throughout your program, track their progress, and prepare them to confidently pass their licensure and certification exams.

HESI provides the tools and data you need to make informed curriculum decisions that drive improved program outcomes.

Powerful reporting capabilities provide invaluable data and insights on both individual student progress and overall program performance. You can also create customized reports to track trends within your program and among cohorts.
Personalized online remediation addresses each student’s individual areas of weakness with targeted, interactive learning content. Detailed data and reports allow you to monitor student remediation activity and progress.
In-depth research studies and a wealth of published, peer-reviewed articles support the validity and reliability of HESI review and testing products.