During the often stressful but exciting period leading up to NCLEX®, an experienced and compassionate nurse educator is the perfect resource to provide students for improved self-confidence and academic performance. With HESI Compass, students are paired with a coach to provide true personal support, expertise and motivation throughout the course.

How HESI Compass Coaches support everyone’s outcomes

  • Your program

    Our coaches advocate and support your nursing program’s success. In addition to keeping faculty informed of class and individual student progress via the Slack communication platform, coaches provide individual student evaluation and plans that identify key factors that may impact HESI and NCLEX success. Faculty can be at ease knowing students have individual attention while reducing instructor workload.

  • Your students

    Aside from answering student questions and facilitating progression in the course, our coaches build connections with your students in order to provide meaningful 1-on-1 guidance, reduce their testing anxiety, and deliver tailored strategies for both time and stress management.


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Learn more about Slack™, the convenient communication platform where coaches, faculty, and students can interact together.

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