HESI® Compass™

What if your NCLEX preparation could combine a personalized review course with real-time coaching from a live nurse educator? Now, you can keep nursing students motivated leading up to, and after graduation with HESI® Compass™ for PN. We're here to help your program achieve even greater levels of success.

Help students navigate their way to NCLEX success

Designed to keep students focused and motivated in the period leading up to, and after, graduation, HESI Compass is a complete NCLEX preparation solution with detailed content review, case studies, customized quizzes, secure HESI exams, and a personal coach to help increase student confidence and engagement. HESI® Compass™ for PN Is Now Available!

HESI Compass Challenges Students Before Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN)

By integrating clinical judgment practice with NGN cases during your final NCLEX review, you can help students alleviate test day anxiety before walking into a more challenging exam. HESI Compass helps you continue the thread of NGN preparation in your curriculum all the way up to, and beyond graduation.

  • Modeled after new NCSBN approved item types, questions inside the cases follow the same format and fidelity of items.
  • Standalone and unfolding cases are integrated into students’ review modules and individualized study content.
  • Items are non-scored and offered as extra practice in clinical judgment, so you can begin capturing true NGN performance data in the final weeks of your program.
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Ensure students are prepared for NCLEX with research-proven HESI readiness indicators.

  • Personalized 9-12 Week Course

    Customizable course up to 12-weeks, starts with a detailed content review and gradually refines assignments to target weak areas and help students focus their study efforts. Ten learning modules, based on NCLEX content categories, provide students with 50 lessons in total.

  • Practice Questions & Application Exercises

    Throughout the course students will find self-study questions, testlets, HESI Case Studies, self-reflection activities, and customized quizzes that continually reinforce student knowledge and foster critical thinking and clinical judgment.

  • Personal Coach

    Students are paired with a personal coach, who is an expert nurse educator, to stick with them throughout the duration of the course. These experts are trained to provide guidance, motivation, course personalization, and more. This individualized attention helps reduce instructor workload.

  • Secure HESI Exams

    Secure HESI Exit Exams help identify students’ knowledge gaps and assess NCLEX readiness at the mid-course and final sections of the course. Students achieving the recommended 900 HESI score are 96.8% likely to pass the NCLEX on their first attempt.

  • Personalized Study Plans

    Personalized, post-course study plans and extended course access help support students’ focused studies after completing the course, enabling them to continue studying effectively right up until they take the NCLEX.

  • Built on Evidence-Based Best Practices

    Education learning science principles and evidence-based best practices are incorporated throughout the course to support student performance, confidence, engagement, and motivation.

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Student feedback was much faster and easier in HESI Compass because I could see that their [coach] had already reached out to them, I didn’t necessarily have to

Judith Pfriemer, MSN, RN and HESI Compass Faculty Coordinator