Health Professions Simulations

Ensure your students are practice-ready with our realistic, hands-on clinical simulation products that enhance skills competency, critical thinking, and clinical judgment.

Our simulation offerings address all stages of your students’ learning — from pre-clinical preparation to post-clinical debriefing.

SimChart® for the Medical Office

This unique, hands-on, medical office electronic health record (EHR) reinforces ABHES and CAAHEP competencies in all of the charting and practice management tasks required of a medical administrative student. SimChart® for the Medical Office prepares your students for a modern medical office with realistic environments, interactive assessments, and more.

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Simulation Practice & Skills Checklists

Challenge students to perform real-world skills in a safe, monitored environment with our simulation practice tools. These hands-on experiences help strengthen their clinical competency and critical thinking abilities, all while allowing you to track their progress.

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