Course-Based SimChart®

Course-Based SimChart is a web-based, simulated electronic health record (EHR) system designed specifically with a course-based approach as a learning tool for students. It combines practical, real-world experience in electronic documentation with powerful, fully integrated educator support to help you incorporate EHR practice into your Sherpath® course — from the classroom to the clinical learning environment.

Explore what Course-Based SimChart can do:

Sherpath Integration

Sherpath integration allows for easy incorporation into your Sherpath course, with documentation-based case studies and quizzes that align with your Sherpath learning materials.

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Sherpath Vantage

Sherpath Vantage Integration

Help students master key concepts and strengthen their nursing competency and clinical judgment, all on a single platform with Sherpath Vantage.

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Real-Life Situations

Realistic clinical situations provide students with the opportunity to develop their clinical judgment-making skills while getting hands-on practice documenting, monitoring, and analyzing patient care in an interactive and controlled learning environment.

User-Friendly EHR

A simplified, user-friendly EHR is available in the blank charting assignments and unfolding patient case studies.

New Case Studies

Pre-built unfolding case studies provide a basic introduction to EHRs that challenge students to make important clinical judgments, document care, and help increase their confidence in using an EHR in the clinical setting. These cases reinforce corresponding Sherpath content through basic application and quizzing.

Blank Charting Active Learning Tool

Course-Based SimChart enables students to practice their HIPAA-compliant patient documentation skills and gain experience in tracking vital signs, completing admission histories, assessments, and more.

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student learning nursing skills online

Standardize skills learning throughout your entire curriculum

Course-Based SimChart has a course-based approach built for easy Sherpath integration.