Elsevier's Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN) Products

Student success on the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) and in practice depends on how your program approaches developing job-ready students. An essential aspect of this is using comprehensive, consistent tools across your nursing curriculum that foster clinical judgment and critical thinking.

NGN for All

Elsevier is proud to introduce NGN for All—an initiative to get all students ready for the types of questions they’ll receive on the Next Generation NCLEX®. NGN questions will now be integrated and available in everyone’s HESI Next Generation exams where content is available. Once students complete an exam, they’ll see reporting on how they performed on these new questions. While these new items are optional and won’t impact final HESI scores, they allow you to prepare students early and put your program one step ahead towards being NGN-ready.

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Elsevier has NGN covered

Only Elsevier offers a complete, end-to-end solution with the authoritative and consistent content and digital solutions required to help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to excel on the NCLEX and in practice.

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Build Knowledge

Elsevier helps students cultivate content mastery throughout the curriculum with engaging technology that complements our market-leading textbooks to ensure students both learn and understand the key nursing concepts that form the foundation for their success. Competence with the procedures and skills specific to their role as nursing professionals develops through a combination of theory, observation, interactive technology, and real-world practice.

Products that build knowledge with enduring Elsevier content:

Apply Clinical Judgment

Elsevier digital solutions enable you to bring clinical judgment concepts into the classroom and lab. Products such as HESI Case Studies, SimChart®, and Simulation Learning System create an environment that allows students to safely practice making clinical judgments.

Products that are designed to observe how students are processing information and demonstrating clinical judgment when making patient care decisions:

Assess & Review

HESI assessments are backed by more than 20 years of research that point to the proven validity of our exams. Our experts are focused on aligning with NCSBN to create items delivered in the same valid, reliable, and secure manner you have relied upon for ensuring students are ready for the NCLEX.

Products that were created evaluate how well students are understanding key concepts and using their clinical judgment skills:

Help students confidently prepare for NGN with Elsevier 360, a comprehensive solution that supports the development of clinical judgment and exposure to every new NGN item type and case studies at fidelity, at every step of their nursing education, through an interconnected experience.

Impact Future Outcomes

Guide future nurses in developing sound clinical judgment to change the course of healthcare outcomes.

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To ensure students are confident and comfortable sitting for the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN), early and frequent practice with NGN style item types is critical. Sherpath will help you seamlessly integrate clinical judgment and NGN preparation into your curriculum through newly developed cases and items for the NGN.

  • Modeled after NCSBN item types, so students can begin gaining practical experience today.
  • Gauge student success by monitoring student performance through EAQ performance dashboards.
  • Students can review the rationales an unlimited number of times after assignment completion for continued practice and familiarity.
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Shadow Health®

A recent study of more than 2,000 students’ results in Shadow Health’s Digital Clinical Experiences (DCE) showed that 74% of learners significantly increased their clinical judgment skills.

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By completing one of Shadow Health’s Digital Clinical Experiences, students practice moving through the framework of the Clinical Judgment Measurement Model, making patient care decisions at every step of the process.

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Designed to measure students’ abilities to apply concepts related to specific clinical nursing content areas, while ensuring students are prepared to confidently pass the NCLEX-RN. Through remediation, meaningful insights, and much more, HESI prepares you and your students for the Next Generation NCLEX. HESI Compass features virtual NCLEX review with personalized content powered by the predictive power of HESI assessments to give students a structured review plan filled with content that focuses on their weakest knowledge areas.

HESI Specialty Exams RN

  • HESI Specialty Exams are the ideal way to test students throughout your nursing curriculum. NGN items include unfolding and standalone cases, which contain bowtie and trend item types.

HESI Exit Exams RN

  • HESI Exit Exam helps identify’ areas of strength and weakness and the possible need for remediation prior to taking the NCLEX. NGN items include unfolding and standalone cases, as well as bowtie and trend test item types.


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HESI Compass

By integrating clinical judgment practice with NGN cases during your final NCLEX review, you can help students alleviate test day anxiety before walking into a more challenging exam. HESI Compass helps you continue the thread of NGN preparation in your curriculum all the way up to, and beyond graduation.

  • Modeled after new NCSBN approved item types, questions inside the cases follow the same format and fidelity of items.
  • Standalone and unfolding cases are integrated into students’ review modules and individualized study content.
  • Items are non-scored and offered as extra practice in clinical judgment, so you can begin capturing true NGN performance data in the final weeks of your program.
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