Elsevier 360 for Nursing Education and Training

Be the difference to those who make a difference and reinvent your nursing program. Elsevier is the only health education provider that offers comprehensive nursing education in a streamlined solution. Everything you need is at your fingertips to do your job to the best of your ability, whether that’s keeping your program at the cutting edge or personally helping students realize their dreams.

Be the Difference

Be the Difference

With our program solution, you get all the resources, tools and services needed to quickly offer a proven, cohesive nursing program. This includes:

Everything students need to build knowledge and clinical judgment
This includes course material and digital learning solutions that enable them to develop key nursing competencies, then challenge their clinical judgment through robust simulations and patient scenarios.

Everything you need to evaluate their nurse competency
Access formative and summative assessments that help gauge student comprehension and ensure they have the skills to excel in a nursing program.

Everything they need to navigate the NCLEX®
Offer every student a personalized course that ensures targeted, meaningful exam preparation, leading to peak performance on exam day.

The Elsevier 360 Value Calculator demonstrates how your program can benefit from using a single solution that is Compatible, Comprehensive, Consistent, and Current.

Custom Curriculum Solutions





Elsevier 360 for Nursing

Only Elsevier offers a complete solution for all your curriculum needs — from building knowledge to applying clinical judgment, to assessment and review. Our solution gives both you and your nursing students a streamlined experience thanks to trusted Elsevier content, innovative products, and unrivaled benefits. These elements of our solution help to promote better student performance, NCLEX® readiness, and career success.

Build Knowledge

Nursing students need an incredible depth of knowledge to be successful in their careers. Elsevier helps students cultivate content mastery throughout the curriculum with engaging technology that complements our market-leading content to ensure students both learn and understand the key nursing concepts that form the foundation for their success. This educational experience builds a solid base of knowledge that allows students to succeed as they progress through nursing school and prepare for nursing practice.

Apply Clinical Judgment

Elsevier digital solutions provide the content and tools needed to practice and apply their knowledge to realistic patient scenarios and care. By bringing patients into the classroom and lab, students can develop sound critical thinking & clinical judgment to bridge the gap from theory to practice, giving them confidence and competence as they prepare for licensure and practice.

Assess & Review

Monitor performance from day one with Elsevier’s comprehensive quizzing and assessment tools which support students’ mastery of content while evaluating their progress at key points in your program. With over 20 years of proven validity, our HESI exams offer reliable insights to support early intervention, curriculum adjustments, and predict NCLEX® success. When the time to take the NCLEX draws near, students can prepare with content review, adaptive quizzing, and personalized feedback and coaching that helps them gain the skills and confidence they need to pass the first time!

Premier Services

When you choose Elsevier 360, you’ll have access to premium services at no additional charge. These exclusive benefits and services provide assistance with product adoption, training, implementation, and curriculum performance reviews. you’ll also have access to thought leaders, professional development opportunities, and continuing education courses. With Elsevier, you have the support you need every step of the way to help you optimize program outcomes.


    With the help of our expert nurse faculty, select products that will provide the most value to your program and ensure they meet your unique course goals by mapping them to your current syllabus or topical outline.


    Follow a customized onboarding plan that’s designed to improve retention and cultivate confidence in product usage with the support of a dedicated implementation coordinator.


    Continuously improve your program outcomes with guidance from nursing education experts, course data review, and a dedicated team providing support throughout your program.


    Access powerful continuing education courses to fulfill licensure requirements while learning about research- and evidence-based educational trends and practices that support curriculum enhancements.

What Elsevier Delivers

By  partnering with us, you’ll gain access to the complete library of tried and tested course materials that your students need to build knowledge and clinical judgment, plus:

  • Online learning tools and remote coaching programs built to adapt to virtual teaching practices
  • Comprehensive assessment resources to help your students evaluate their progress 
  • Everything they need to prepare for NCLEX®, including access to experienced online coaches. 
  • Full consultancy and support to help you implement your transformed program and innovate for your students and faculty